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World Wide What?

It's amazing how technology is smarter than we are. While creating my new web site, I found that I am deficient in the knowledge required to make said page appear on the net. Here I was, thinking I was "all that" and computer savvy too - I mean, c'mon! I even have a blog! It was sad when I figured out that my knowledge base is about the size of a sunflower seed out of its shell!
I hate to think that I am becoming one of "those". You know, the guys with the cell phone the size of Texas. He thinks he's got the best model available and that he is on the cutting edge. In fact, the lady that lost her eye when he flipped it open is secretly laughing at him!
Somehow, with a little help from my older brother, I managed to make a presentable if basic page. It is somewhat a mystery to me still - how it got there, who is looking at it, and why it actually worked when I was typing lots of random things like a href=my dog's behind. For now, I'll just have to …