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An experiment

Be warned, this is quite a long post. However, faithful and/or random reader, I would love to hear your feedback on this particular post. The following is an excerpt that I'd like to have opinions on. So read on, reader, and then post a reply. kkthxbye

The moons had already begun to rise; blood red Haldorian, Manvey with its silver rings, and the smallest, Looz, the color of flesh.
Tamyrn unwrapped the scarf from around her face and began to clean the sand from her eyes. The harsh winds not only made travel arduous, but caused the sand to stick to her eyes like mud. Even after she had wiped it away, she could still feel the hard grit in her eyes. Her hair and clothes seemed to be infested, her hands worn smooth by the constant thrash of the sand against them.
Her father, Damian, was already issuing orders in a steady stream. He was not a tall man, but strongly built with a powerful voice and manner. His eyes were metallic blue, and they flashed and sparked when he was angry. Sim…


Fall is in the air today, that subtle sweet change that you can sense more than feel, almost as if nature is exhaling the heavy breath of summer. Fall was Mom's favorite time of year. She loved when the trees would begin their dazzling show of orange, red and yellow splendor. She loved the smell of apples and the fresh cider from the mill. She loved the cooler air and the excitement that precedes the rich bounty of Thanksgiving meals and Christmas surprises. She would stash gifts away all through the year, sometimes forgetting where she put them for years, but in the fall she'd begin shopping in earnest. Today as I left the produce market she was there, surrounding me almost as completely as the air. It was like she was drifting with the light breeze, her infectious smile and sparkling eyes as visible as the steely blue sky above.
Driving home I fought the feeling that time is slipping through my fingers as smoothly as silk cloth. I want to grab the moments before they fade but…


~ Carly just removed a half eaten popsicle from the trash and stuck it in her mouth...yes I am cringing too.

~ Josh started school Tuesday, and not with a smile. Luckily his new good friend from next door rides the bus and shares the same recess time despite being 2 grades behind Josh.

~ Michigan Concert Choir starts this Saturday! I'm excited about participating again I just wish we could somehow avoid the 7:30am rehearsal time .

~ I just discovered, via one of my favorite blogs, possibly the coolest website ever. EVER! Stop reading my blog and go play!