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Workin' It: A List with Addendums

This summer, instead of blogging (which, let's be honest, I haven't been doing much when it's not summer.  But, I digress), I have been:

- Job hunting (found one!)
- Having repeated teacher nightmares (one last night!)
- Looking for free resources to use in my classroom (need more!)
- Watching too much TV (an accomplishment given that we only have about five channels!)
- Building an addiction to Longmire (hooray for Amazon Prime and Netflix!)
- Not cleaning the house much (who cares!)
- Visiting California (first world problems!)
- Scrapbook shop hopping with my sister (charms ahoy!)
- Wondering where Carly's next mood swing will take me (and she's not even a teenager!)
- Freaking out about how tall Josh suddenly seems to be (holy cow!)
- Questioning so many of my life decisions that they've all started to swim together into one (yikes!)
- Reading too much BuzzFeed (see above!)
- Eating an unusually large quantity of cinnamon gummy bears (I blame my sister!)
- …