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Keeping Up with the Joneses

Be You.
No one else can live your life.
No one else can do it just the way you do it.
Happiness won't come from following me,
it will come from walking your own bramble covered,
lumpy, bumpy, underwater, smooth sailing, sharp turning road.

Be Authentic.
No one else can make your choices.
No one else will choose the same things you do.
Happiness will come from choosing right,
and it will come from following your gut,
even when it's wrong.

Be Honest.
No one else can tell you your own truth.
No one else will see things just they way you do.
Happiness won't come from what I say about you,
it will come from what you say to yourself,
so choose kind, gentle, loving, honest words to build you up.

Be Kind
No one else can fix the bruises you inflict with your words.
No one else can undo the love you've shared with joy.
Happiness will come from the soft moments,
it will come in the stillness that follows a humble heart,
so be ready to bend a little.

Be You.


I'm dancing on the edge of emotions
Up a little, down a little
Back to the start
Running from the end
Over, around and through

In the very next room
Lies a boy of 13
Feet sprawled, blankets wild
Nose buried in a book

Across the hall
A girl of seven fights sleep
Tosses and turns and
Creates excuses to leave her bed

On the couch is their dad
So tired
Already snoring
Lost to dreams

I'm tired, too
Tired of dancing
walking and spinning
It must be the wind
Over, around and through.

Dear Dad,

It was your birthday yesterday. 

I forgot.

Not entirely, I mean I remembered yesterday that it was your birthday but I didn't do anything about it.  No calls, or letters, or presents in paper.  I'm sorry about that.

By way of apology, here is my list of top ten things you've taught me. 

1.  Never do for myself what others should have the opportunity to do.  Service is a two-way street, even when the other person involved is my child and they really don't want to get up and get me a drink.

2.  There's good music, and there's every other kind of music.  You can easily identify the good music for me if I'm having a hard time figuring it out.  You're probably listening to the good music, because you certainly wouldn't be listening to the bad music.

3.  The Arizona Wildcats are the best team on Earth.

4.  Chocolate is the perfect food for every meal.  Pumpkin pie is a suitable substitute.

5.  There is no change.

6.  Commercials are better when muted.


Consider the possibilities

Tonight I am acutely aware of the tender mercies of the Lord.

In my life I have an amazing capacity for getting distracted.  Distracted by jobs I need to do, errands to run, money, grades to improve - both mine and not mine, people to talk to even though I really rather wouldn't ever make eye contact with anyone except my computer, emails to read and delete, money, food to prepare, sleep to lose, money.  Did I mention money?

Tonight we watched a short video about the Widow's Mite.  First, let me just mention that I never realized what a clever play on words that is.  Second, after the video we talked about what God requires vs. what we can provide.  And we came to realize those are the same things, and not just in terms of money.  He asks only for all that we have to give and no more.  Sometimes that seems like a real lot.  Especially when it comes to money.  No, He doesn't want all my money.  Or yours.  He asks me for 10%.  My 10% is the same at Mitt Romney's 10% that…