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Dear Celebrities

in particular Britney Spears, because you're the one I just saw in a picture online

My kids are watching you! Heck, I am watching you! Spend a little bit of that money on, I dunno, maybe a nicotine patch? You are destroying your million dollar face with every puff. You are wrecking your very rich lungs, you smell gross (I'm guessing), and someday it will KILL YOU. Like, literally. I am sure, very sure, that 15 years with Eric's Mom literally went up in smoke. And that just isn't fair.

So, stop it. Please.



p.s. Looking at a whole bunch of old photos when you are at home alone is not a good idea. Especially when those photos contain images of your dearly missed Mother-in-Law, Grandmother, Father-in-Law, Uncle and youth. Just a heads up.

Cute enough to eat

I don't often post pictures of Carly's do - mainly because by the time I finish with it I'm finished with it. But this time, I had to share. I found these super cute heart beads at a big craft store I went to. Carly loves them and spends a lot of time shaking her head to hear them rattle. I love their bright, happy colors and the shape is a nice departure from normal, everyday beads.
This took almost the whole movie of Bolt to complete. Lucky for me/us, it usually lasts for about a week before it gets frizzy and has to be taken out for washing/re-styling.
Twists are actually really easy once everything is parted and tangle free. Braids are harder for my fingers and I still don't know how to do corn rows. But someday, I vow. Someday!

Five Plus Thirty Four

Almost 12 years ago I married this guy. We didn't know each other very well. Oh, we knew all the 'facts' about each other but we hadn't spent much of our day to day life together. That is one of the hazards of meeting your future spouse online.

I strung him along for six months before finally, officially accepting his proposal. I freaked my parents out by visiting Detroit alone then announcing that I was going to get married and move there. They met Eric, they liked Eric but to say they had doubts would be like saying the Empire State Building is tall. It's very, very tall and they had big, big doubts. In fact, on my wedding day my dad told me it was still okay to change my mind. (For the record, his parents told him the same thing.)

When we got married, I seriously questioned my judgement and God. This was not the life I expected, the man I expected, the experiences I expected. Sure, I had prayed and received a very sure answer that I should marry Eric. But I was e…

Follow Up

So I didn't win. That was what I expected and after 4 days of waiting to find out (on pins and needles) I pretty much knew. Because, really, if I had won the contest then I probably would have been notified. I'm a little disappointed but at least I put myself out there. Right? Right?

Anyhow, if you want to read the little blurb that's been giving me heartburn, click here. I think legally it is property of Blizzard now. Farewell little story.

My Unsolicited Advice

Okay so I'll admit it. I totally watched the second half of John and Kate Plus 8. I was curious, what can I say? I am not actually a fan of that show for a few reasons:

1. I realize it is hard to provide for 8 children. And a reality show brings opportunities you probably can't afford otherwise. Here's a thought, though, if you can't afford 8 kids don't get fertility treatments! Especially when you have twins already and are obviously pre-disposed to having multiples.

2. I think that it is wrong to glorify John and Kate but vilifyOcto-Mom. I don't think that is a fair playing field. It bugs me.

3. Those children will never have a 'normal' life. Ever.

So having said that, I watched the season premiere expecting them to make nice and act like nothing is wrong at home. After all, they just did a big renewal of vows thing not that long ago. But, they didn't. Things were clearly wrong at home. Both were clearly unhappy. And, just like a col…

Dear Joshua,

Tomorrow morning you are going to camp. Fifth grade camp, that is. I know - weird! Up here in Michigan its something they do, send little 10 and 11 year old children off into the wild. Of course, the wild consists of a hotel-like lodge with air conditioning, a 24/7 mess hall and no spiders in the latrine. Because there is no latrine. There are private showers and toilets with running water. I think the only reason this is called camping is because it involves a sleeping bag.

We're supposed to send letters along with you. Letters that your 'camp' leaders will give you on the second and third day of your stay. We're only supposed to say uplifting, non-homesickpromoting things in these letters. So, here on my blog that I know you won't read for a few years at least, I'm going to tell you all the things I'm not allowed to tell you in your letters from home.

I miss you. You're not even gone. In fact, you are playing right in front of me in the fami…

I still know what it feels like,

that shocking jolt of pain that courses through your body and numbs your brain. I still remember. Funny how the little things bring it back.

Today I was sitting in line at McDonald's. I had decided to get lunch for my munchkins and surprise them. Sticking in the fresh spring ground was a sign advertising free samples of iced coffee. And I found myself thinking back to barely a few months ago when I would have brought one home for Dad. And I thought about how he would have said 'thanks sister Sarah' and 'you didn't have to' and then he probably would have stuck it in the fridge. Sometimes he drank it, sometimes he didn't. But for a minute there would have been that little spark in his eye. I remember how his white whiskery cheek felt under my lips when I kissed him. I remember the shuffling sound of his walk and the way he rubbed his fingers together when he was thinking.

Tonight my thoughts are on another family with a Grandmother that has cancer. …

I Declare

The bad day is over.

What's that? You want to know why?

Well, if you click here I think you'll understand.

Total bonus: I think you can tell which families are Mormon just by looking.

Digital Annoyance

Sometimes things get stuck in my head and just sit there like a washing machine stuck on the spin cycle. Today is one of those days when I have so many questions and never any suitable answers.

Why oh why -
- do people wait til the very last minute to ask for that ONE MOST IMPORTANT of all forms?

- and then make it sound like it is YOUR fault they never got the form they never sent?

- does this room feel smaller when it actually has LESS stuff in it today?

- do I feel annoyed with my daughter when she's not really doing anything to bug me?

- does the dog have to do her business on the floor?

- can't I get motivated to pack up the junk in my room that stares me in the face every day?

- can't anyone remember the DARN toilet paper!? including me

- didn't I look at the roll BEFORE I sat down?

- can't dinner make itself, just this once?

- isn't there ever enough food to last a week, even though the cupboard looks full?

- can't I buck up and give up DP all the way?

- did I …

Potion Making

Maybe this will be my lucky week. Maybe this week will be like I drank a swig of Felix Felicitus every morning after toothpaste. (I'm still reading Harry Potter, can you tell? The Half Blood Prince is in heavy competition as my favorite. It's either that or Deathly Hallows, although perhaps it is Prisoner of Azkaban. These are the questions for the ages.)

On Monday I spent the day with my friend Amy and her magical couch again. We've got no future together, the couch and I, but I'm not letting that get in the way of our relationship. We (minus the couch) also went shopping with another friend in tow, a good time had by all. And I somehow managed to finish 90% of the laundry that night. Plus the house got (almost) clean and the children were happy thanks to one Chuck E Cheese.

On Tuesday I spent the day with Amy again. She says she owes me for all this "babysitting." But, honest to goodness, these last couple of weeks have been some of the best of my life. Then …

Say what?

Josh: In class we talked about how Heavenly Father gives us everything we have so (turning to his dad) YOU don't own a car. YOU don't own a house. Heavenly Father does.

Carly (quite indignant): NO Josh! Heavenly Father don't drives!
---Carly: My brain! Mom and Dad: What?Carly: My brain is coming out my foot!

Extree, Extree!

I don't know if you heard, but today my son figured out how to ride a bike.

That's right people! My son, the refuser of all things two wheeled, the doubter of all ability to control things two wheeled, the will-not-touch-that-bike-even-when-threatened TEN year old, got on his bike today.

Androde it.

Without falling down. Without training wheels. After a year since he last tried. After many previously failed attempts. All it took was one little push, a few revolutions of the peddles and he was off. Around and around as if he always knew how.

And let me tell you, the smile on that boys face was bright enough to light the world.

So if you saw that gleam on the horizon, that was probably his teeth or the spokes on his tires.

Because he was happy. Grinning. Shining.

And so was I.


There is something going on that I just don't understand. I think it might be part of a left-wing-right-flipper-back-room-upside-down conspiracy. Yes, it's just that big.

What is up with all the bloggers who give away stuff!?

I linked you that amazing free laptop giveaway, I was pimped out all across Twitter, Facebook and my own blog. For that amazing free laptop I was willing to go the distance. I entered a contest for a free Prada bag (well, possibly Prada). I have entered, via comments, a few other blog contests. I even know someone that won something. But, I never have (I think that's part of the whole conspiracy thing).

Where do the bloggers get these free, amazing things to give away? I don't have loads of free stuff sitting around my house. I might have taken about 2 trunks full of stuff to the Salvation Army but that was, you know, used stuff. That my kids most likely slobbered on at some point. I only give that stuff away to charity.

Gimme Gimme

Hop on over to this fun blog and enter to win a new laptop. If you win, I get halfsies!

The Wrong Side of the Bed

Last night I had the strangest dream.

No, really.

A hurricane, Will Smith, riding the outside of an elevator (during the hurricane), Robert Redford (well not in person, just his ramp), a minivan, a school track, some gross...stuff, and more! Much of which was very vibrant at the time but that I can't remember now. I think it might be one of those cases where the brain blocks traumatic experiences.

I also laid down wrong last night while reading my book (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again if you wanted to know) and consequently I have a stitch in my shoulder - not to be confused with a chip on my shoulder. It only hurts when I breathe, move, talk, think, exist. I think that a small child (who I won't name but has the initials C A T) shoving her feet into my stomach for most of the night might have had an adverse affect too. I could be wrong though, it might have only impaired my attitude.

The up side to mornings like this: chances are things can only go up from here.

I will

...filter out the bad moments.

...remember life in vivid colors.

...capture moments and lock them up tightly in my soul.

...stop and smell the air, feel the sand, hear the waves.

...let myself be photographed, especially if I'm smiling.

...admire the sparkle in my babies eyes.

...go down the stairs even if that means I have to climb back up.

...look at nothing because it is also everything.

3 Tries for 5 Dollars

There is something special about a corner carnival. Perhaps its the mix of flashing lights, rosy faces and a subtle feeling of danger. At any moment the ride could go flying off its tracks, taking us with it as it spins into the night sky. Scary, but magical too.

Tonight, with the brisk spring air biting into our cheeks, we brave the Ferris Wheel. Up, up, up high above the buildings and tree tops until the city is spread out beneath us in all its wonder. There is a cacophony of colors and shapes below us, while on the horizon the sky begins to fade, the clouds traced out with shadows. The lights on the rides begin to flare, competing for our attention.

I realize, dangling up there with the wind whipping by and my boy snuggled into my side (grinning), that I love Michigan. I love its changing seasons, each defined even as they blend into each other. I love the thick and sturdy trees, a million colors of green. I love its sky, its rain, its bursts of sun between. I realize, as…

Four for Friday - I Can't Think Straight Edition

Four things that have my brain scrambled:

1. Suddenly, walking through Target I started to feel not well. Not well at all! And even being in Target, my very favorite store, could not make those feelings go away. They just got worse. Oh, the humanity of it all! Not in Target! My lower back on the left side - let's just say we are not friends right now. And my head, it's sort of spinning.

2. It really sucks that I don't feel well. Because I was going to stop over at Amy's house and flirt with her couch. And now that's just shot to heck, isn't it? Darn you, whatever is making me feel sick, not only did your ruin my Target Shopping Experience you also denied me a moment with my favorite couch.

3. The dog is whining at the back door. And I don't want to let her in. Because she jumps on me. And nothing makes your hurting lower back feel better like a dog jumping straight into your midsection.

4. I hate it when I feel like this. For two main reasons…

M is for Mother

Motherhood is more than carrying a child in your womb for 9 months.

Motherhood is more than daily wiping of noses, cleaning of faces, filling of bellies.

Motherhood is more than driving, shopping, cleaning, cooking.

Motherhood is part of being a Woman, but not all of it. It is part of growing up, for some of us. It is conducive to gaining appreciation, but not for everyone.

I was still a child myself, really, when I became a Mother. Joshua and I did a lot of growing up together. We both learned a lot about sacrifice. I learned how to say good-bye to him in the morning, he learned that separation from Mother wasn't such a bad thing after all. Especially since he got to go to Grandma's house (which, sorry Disney, was the happiest place on earth). I learned I could love someone until my heart might burst and be completely enraged at the same time. He learned that the wrinkling of my forehead was not a good sign for anyone. We learned a lot about time, more specifically about how …

In Which I Profess Devotion

I really like That Girl.

I'm fairly sure that you already knew that, but I did choose my blog name for a reason.

It occurred to me that my blog looks a tad like her blog. Photos on the header, a to-do list, a MMB button...

I'm not trying to copy That Girl, even though she is one of the most fantastic people I know. It just happened. Lucky for her, I am not nearly so witty and I don't live in exotic Brazil so my unintentional imitation can only go so far. I'm sure she was sweating bullets over that one.

The new blog header (isn't it awesome, if I do say so myself!), well that came courtesy of a site called Picnik. I think it might be one of the most fun and easy sites I have ever visited. You should check it out. Also, if you want to know how to remove those annoying (really, blogger you should let us remove them more easily) borders around your blog header just go here. (It might look complicated at first, but it actually is eaaaasy and you'll never have …


- I get a little thrill when I use paper bags at the grocery store. Especially when I pack them myself. I love the sound of the crackling paper, the card-boardy smell, stacking the stuff neatly inside like a puzzle, and setting the bags side by side in a neat configuration in the back of my car. It is one my most favorite parts of shopping at ALDI, the saving money is almost secondary to the paper bags.

- Wonder Pets make me feel a little annoyed. Ok, a lot. This is serious.

- I'm a really, truly, a lot scared about moving. A big, huge part of me is thrilled to be going home and a small, loud part of me is frightened that we are making a mistake. What if I fight with my mom all the time like when I was a teenager? (oh, yeah, that was almost 15 years ago...ouch) What if Eric hates it? What if something happens to Uncle Heezy while we are too far away to help? What if Josh hates it? What if I hate it? What if Eric gets fired? What if we don't have enough money to actually make the…

Cinco de Mayo

Sometimes you have one of those perfectly perfect days. They just happen right when you are least expecting it. Wouldn't you know it, today one of those perfectly perfect days just snuck right up and grabbed me.

Today the sun was shining, the sky was a million miles of blue with just the right sprinkling of clouds. The neighbor kid came to cut our lawn and the fresh smell of sheared grass and gasoline drifted in through the open windows and filled up the whole house. The grass was very green, thanks to prodigious rain, and the trees were all blooming. (I particularly enjoy the pink trees with little fluffy flowers. Carly and I decided that they are Princess trees, for Princesses.) Out back there was popcorn popping on our fruit trees and delicate baby leaves sprouting along the grape vines.

After Josh scooter-ed home from school, I forced the children outside to play. My door got a good workout from the ins and outs. I had to threaten naps and chores to keep the little imps outside.…

Life's a Beach

There are 2 problems with going away for the weekend.

1. The bed - ouch.

2. The coming home hangover. (Too much food, not enough sleep, lots of driving and how they heck did we make so much laundry!)

Says Eric

"Is there black in the shoes? Thus black socks!"

"Maybe I will wear my safari hat to finish off the look, OKAY?"

For someone who doesn't care about fashion, he sure seems to care that I'm laughing at his fashion.

Four for Friday, Lucky Me Edition

So today I spent my day in a very perfect way. Oh hey, that rhymes!

I spent the day at my friend Amy's house. First, let me tell you about Amy's house. Amy lives in a very large, very lovely house. Amy has great taste, there is not a room in that house that doesn't make you feel happy. Her family room is yellow with hints of chocolate. She has a large leather sectional that could probably sit most of Rhode Island comfortably. I <3 it. I would marry it if I was single. I mean, it's supportive, always listens, never interrupts, always looks good, and makes me comfortable. If the couch could pull off funny....well nevermind.

Other than sitting on the couch, I got to spend the day holding Amy's brand new baby boy. It was loverly. He's the cutest little bundle of old man face you ever saw (just like most babies are) with wide blue eyes and feather soft reddish hair. I feel so lucky that she trusted me enough to care for her baby boy. So, in honor of the perfect bab…