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A long bad day...

Lately this is what life feels like:

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow....

Moving Day is...

1. Unreal - that's right, I said it. Its completely unreal and I am in a total state of denial. Maybe its having half our stuff at one house and half at the other.
2. Exciting - like jumping off the side of the road into a ditch that you can't see the bottom of exciting.
3. Depressing - how on earth did all of this STUFF get into our house, and why oh why after packing 50 boxes is the how still full of more STUFF that needs a box to be packed in??
4. Amusing - Joshua says to me as we are waiting for his dad to show up with the new keys and let us in: "I hope he gets here soon because I want to move in to our house" I reply "He'll be here soon." "But I don't want to miss it, and then I won't get to have my new room!" "Josh, we can come here anytime we want, its our house now." "Then why are we still living at the cruddy house?"
5. A whine fest - Carly must be sensing the upcoming change in all things she knows,…

The mind of a child

A conversation with Joshua this morning:

Josh: You know, I was a little jealous of Carly when we first got her because you guys were giving her so much attention.

Mom: Yes, well you know she is just little and she can't do anything for herself yet so we have to do lots of stuff for her.

~At this piont the aforesaid mom (me) launches into an explanation that we love both kids, sort of the "remove this guilt from me" speech. Joshua is silent throughout~

Mom: So, what are you thinking about?

Josh: I'm thinking about playing tag at recess today

I'm not sure why, but this really struck my funny bone. Perhaps it was the five minute discussion I engaged in (largely with myself) on the topic of parental love for children, only to find out at the end that Josh had already moved on to thinking about tag...

Nothing to say

We're getting closer to our moving date, but other than that there isn't much going on. I am overwhelmed thinking of boxes to pack and things to throw away and all the other changes that come from going to a new townhouse. But, as Scarlet says, I'll think about it tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some new pictures for your viewing enjoyment!
As a side note, these days I curse and love the digital camera all at once. The sloooooooowwww flash has Josh making these weird faces since he keeps blinking before/during the flash. As an alternative he is holding his eyes wide open and looks a little bit, ummm, odd. The only way to get good pictures of him is to catch him completely off guard - as we did with the picture of him that I posted - and that doesn't make for many pictures of him with Carly. Any suggestions to get rid of the creature from the blue lagoon faces?