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A largely uneventful stretch of times yields a few highlights:

A fun time while mom visited, including a trip to Crossroads Village, lots of nights eating out, and many days of sleeping in thanks to her generous Grandma-ing.

A new church calling - Primary teacher! While I'm not "excited" per say, its a nice change from RS Enrichment Counselor. I actually taught this group of kids back when they were Sunbeams...well half of them. Its kinda fun seeing them a little more grown. One of the kids in my class, Ann, has always been a particular favorite of mine. When the Primary President was talking about things that are good to think of during the passing of the sacrament Ann turned to her friend and said "I think about rock and roll. Rockin! and Rollin!" It was realllly hard not to laugh.

Joshua is in New Mexico, he flew out with his grandma when she left. Apparently he is having a marvelous time. I'm glad for that but I sure do miss his chubby cheeks.



I am a recent convert to the lolcats phenomenom. lolcats make me laugh like nothing else. I don't know why this is. It just is.
What's an lolcat you ask? Of course wikipedia has an explanation. And there is quite a host of lolcats websites the best of which is I Can Has Cheezburger?. But here are a few of my favorite lolcats. Enjoy!

State of confusion

If you ask me to describe myself I would likely say I am pleasantly plump. Being honest, I would add that I am slightly more plump and slightly less pleasant. But, I digress.
Today I went to Dairy Queen with Josh, Carly, and Eric's dad. Walking inside, I held the door open for a old and obviously frail woman. Her son, in front of her, turned around to me and said "Jenny Craig is alive and well." In a state of confusion and disbelief...I laughed and smiled. Then, as I sat down with my children to eat my butterscoth dipped vanilla cone the idea that this man was incredibly pompous and cruel grew inside me. I couldn't believe that he would be so bold as to say that to me, a person he had never met, walking into DQ with my kids. And I spent a good deal of time convincing myself that this stranger had no power to hurt me. But in fact, he had wounded me with his callus and off the cuff remark. Honestly, sir, (as if you are reading this) do you think I enjoy being overweight…

Every day details

A funny story to share:
The other day Josh was outside playing with his friends (insert sidebar to Charlotte: we have been keeping Josh near the house when he is by himself and he is not allowed to visit the park without a couple friends in tow. End sidebar). We get a knock at the door and assume its Josh being a pest. Then a moment later we hear the knock again and a growing sound of screaming. Blood chilling screaming that can only be from Josh. We jump up and open the door to find Josh with another parent, hand on his head, blood on his face. (Don't worry, it does get funny) Apparently another kid had thrown a rock and hit Josh in the head. Eric goes to find the kid and investigate and I take Josh to the kitchen (at this point I'm more worried about the rock thrower than Josh because Eric is extremely protective). I clean Josh up and find that its really a mostly superficial scratch on his scalp and is only bleeding a lot because of its location. He does have a small bump. J…