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Giving Thanks: Day 6

Also known as "It's only Monday once a week!"
Today I got up early.  (I am not an early morning type of person.  I don't care how pretty that sunrise is, you can keep it.)

I brushed Carly's hair.  (Have you ever tried to brush a sponge?  It's like that.  Except wiggly.)

I took Carly to school.  (She was very happy.)

I got on the freeway and my "tire pressure" light came on.  ({insert sinking feeling})

I pulled over and checked the pressure.  (Low but not riding the rims.)

I drove the rest of the way to school.  (No carnage, that's a plus.)

I went to my first class and gave a "presentation".  (I use the word loosely.  Everyone else read their part verbatim despite receiving the script LAST WEEK.  The professor hated our sketch.  Our demographic was too big.  It sucked and other stuff.)

I paid for parking.  ($3.50!  Really!?)

My mom and sister were waiting for me.  (They took my car to get the tire checked.)

Today, I am grateful for a wil…

Giving thanks: Day 4

Today I am grateful we had enough money to pay for our propane, electricity, water, and a plane ticket for Scott to come visit at Christmas.  I'd go into all kinds of whiney details about how this was almost not so, but that would be boring.  I am trying to fit in Christmas presents for my kids, a little at a time, and learning to accept that there is only so much we can do right now.  I know if they were asked to choose between a visit from their Uncle and a mound of presents, they would choose Scott every time.  I'm proud of that.
Perhaps this year I will truly learn that it isn't the presents that matter, but the moments together.  Perhaps I will learn that it isn't the dollars spent, but the memories saved.  I am grateful I have enough long term vision to think about it this way, otherwise it would just be really depressing.

Giving thanks: Day 1

One week until eat-your-til-your-buttons-pop day.  Better known as Thanksgiving.  Unless you're Canadian, in which case you're already a month past the turkey.  But anyhow. 

To prepare myself for the feast, I'm going to do the standard "I'm thankful for" routine.  Sorry, but I am thankful for so many things.  I might as well list a few.  For posterity or something.

Today, I'm thankful for my son's poem.  He's writing a poem about the Thanksgiving Blizzard (he says it is a real thing, I've never heard of it before but whatev.)  Once he gets a final version together, I'll post it up for you.  See how generous I am?  Until then, my favorite part so far:

"Our village was destroyed.
It looked like a mountain in winter.
The giant was no longer employed.
Our pain was worse than a splinter."

If that doesn't make you smile, you might be dead inside.

Just sayin.

By request: You're my little chu-chi face

True or False - A little game

Each of these situations is either true or false (if you don't already know that, I'm sorry but there is no help for you.)  In the comments, guess which it is and don't cheat.  The winner gets a great big pat on the back from yours truly.  It's like Christmas early!

1.  The other day the battery on our car died while Eric was at the store.  I tried to start it to see if I knew what the problem was.  After determining that it was, in fact, a dead battery, I got out of the dead car.  I got in the live car.  Eric and I drove to an auto parts store for jumper cables.  When we got back to the grocery store, our car was gone.  G O N E.  Heart racing, I looked around the parking lot and found our dead car had plunged tail first into another car in the lot.  I promptly realized I left the car in neutral and felt stupid.

2.  One day at school I went into the bathroom stall to - well, you know.  Before I sat down, I tried to hang my back pack on the little hooky deal on the door…

Advantages to being the oldest girl in the class

1.  Perspective: These kids and their rap music just don't get it.  This is the easy part of life.  This is the part where you probably don't have kids yet, or a mortgage, or a grocery bill, or responsibility beyond your own selfish wants.  I know there are exceptions, some of these kids are highly motivated and responsible and it totally shows.  And then there are the kids that think they are so seriously freakin talented dude that they shouldn't even have to take this super lame silly class.  And those kids irritate me.  I also laugh at them because someday, oh someday, reality is going to knock them upside the head with its ugly stick.

2.  I (mostly) know how to read the professors.  I know what they want, and instead of fighting it because of my artistic integrity, I just do what they ask.  It is much like having a job and a very picky boss.  Fighting the picky boss gets you fired.  Fighting the professor gets you a bad grade and lots of extra work to try and make up f…