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Showing posts from September, 2005

An Almost Smile

Carly has topped the scales at NINE WHOLE POUNDS! Can you believe it? She still seems so tiny, and she is only 20 inches long which is fairly short. We discovered this at a Dr's appointment, along with the news that she has reflux. That would explain why she has spituponmom alot-osis. Poor kid can't keep her dinner in. She is doing alright despite that, and doesn't complain unless you aren't holding her 24/7....I know, I can see it coming too. She really doesn't cry much though, so it's ok if she squeaks at us now and again.
Today I was talking to her and for a moment she gave me an "almost" smile. Don't be fooled, it is not the pictured "sleeping" smile that you see here. This was the kind of smile where she has the gleam in her eye, the lift in her cheeks, but you're still not sure if it's "gas". I was so thrilled, but then after the fleeting glimpse of heaven I questioned whether or not she meant to give me this smile…

Why did I ever.....

We have a new passion in our house. Our "friend" Chuck recently bought us the game "World of Warcraft" and a two month membership. I say "friend" because this game has taken over our lives! Eric loves it, I love it, Joshua loves it, and I am sure in time Carly will love it too! It is really sad when you fight over playing a dumb game with your husband and your seven year old. "I get to play first", "No I called it in the car", "Yeah, well I called it in my sleep last night, so there". SAD. Eric says that "at least we're not out spending money". I guess that is true, and I try to think of that while I am playing at two in the morning and my eyeballs are about to pop out of my head.
In the meantime, if any of you smiling happy people also happen to belong to the World of Warcraft Victims Society, make sure you drop us a "whisper" next time you're playing!

Uh Oh Part deux

Poor Joshua! The Dr. called us back today to let us know the X Ray technician found a small fracture in his left pinky. So, to update his status - not "major injury" or "minor sprain", but "tiny fracture". He has to wear a splint for 14 days and then be re-xrayed. The splint infatuation has already worn off, but I think he'll make it through somehow....I see new toys in his future.

Uh Oh

Joshua sustained his first "major injury" today. "Major injury" is a term his father came up with, it was more of a minor sprain.
Joshua was running outside while playing with his friends. Not running around, just running. Apparently, his friend Max is Superman and can run way too fast (Josh's words). Joshua, however, is more like the 8th dwarf - Pokey. Not that he doesn't try hard. He really tries hard to be fast. In fact, this summer he bested his cousin Marion in a race and you would have thought he won an olympic medal - but I digress (I have always wanted to say that!). Today he was trying to be fast. I guess a stick in the yard felt that it wasn't right to allow him to set the new land speed record because it tripped him.
What we heard from inside the house was something along the lines of
"AHHHHHHH, OWWWWWWWWW, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOO" and so forth, but much more high pitched than I can type. Eric and I ran to the door and found Joshua…