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"Hey Mom, can I have a nice tall glass of cold water before I got outside?"

"Sure, Josh. Are you ok?"

"Yes, I've just got the huccapes."

"You mean hiccups?"

"Yes hiccups."

Yay it worked finally!

Josh's Viewpoint, as promised!


So first off, if you know me at all you know I am extremely lazy despite my good intentions.
Having said that: I have finally scanned in 6 of the pictures that Joshua and his cousin Kadin took during our foray to Legoland. I tried uploading this pictures about 5 times and they won't load! So for now you'll have to pretend to see them and I'll try to get them up asap.
These pictures do make me think though....its fascinating to see that what is picture worthy/interesting for Joshua is rather ordinary to me. Of course, I don't discount that half the fun of these pictures for Josh was just pushing the button to hear a satisfactory click. But back to the point. As human beings we can all see things so differently, and stepping out of our box to view things from the other side can be really really hard. Particularly when you're as stubborn and narrow minded as I am. Lately I am pretty closed in to my own little box, very much focused on ME and my MOMENT. This, of course…

Hold on to your toddler

So Carly had a moment today that I have been dreading.....
She is all of 10.5 months old and she is crawling everywhere and babbling up a storm. I have not been encouraging her very much to progress from that point - mainly because just crawling around she is in to EVERYTHING. It just illustrates the difference in children - Josh was so EASY. Easy to please, easy to watch, not an investigator that had to open every cupboard, easy to entertain....Just easy. Carly is the opposite. She must be pulling, touching, grabbing, talked to, held, touched, played with, etc etc.
So the dreadful moment arrived this evening when she was taking a bath. Without even flinching, she stood right up all on her own - not even using the sides of the tub to pull up on. OH NO! That means one thing: walking is not far behind. I am not ready for a walker, I can barely keep tabs on the crawler. I want to slow down time, reverse it back to when she was immobile and docile, willing to just sit and be held…

Cleaning up...

My dishes have never looked this cute before:


So I took this personality test online...I'll let you decide if the results are right or not. Personally, after pages of questions, I am surprised by just how dead right it is:

Your Personality Type: Wallflower
Your internal orientation, and fairly cooperative nature make you the Wallflower. You are perfectly content to watch others from the sidelines, and not get tangled up in social circles and commitments. While others likely find you pleasant to be around, you don't care much for company. You rarely seek the spotlight and you are content to spend time by yourself. While you don't allow life to pass you by, you have an appreciation for the natural order of things. You're sometimes open to change, but you don't necessarily take action to create it. You experience occasional emotional instability, and time alone with your thoughts refreshes you mentally, and helps alleviate worry and self-doubt. You like to keep your life and the number of people in it somewhat …