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2011 - probably not the year of the apocalypse

May 2011 bring you:

Happiness, jars of it you can set on a shelf and smile at.

Laughter, the medicine to cure what ails you.

Curiosity, a feverish mind racing to experience life.

Power, of self.

Prosperity, not just the kind that fills your pockets.

Peace, whirled and otherwise.

Danger, from risks worth taking.

Discoveries, affirmations, and satisfactions.

But most of all, may 2011bring you more of the good, less of the bad, and the vision to see it.

I don't want to brag...

Oh, who am I kidding, YES I do!

A father's hands

Usually around Christmas time, I start to think about Mary.  But this year, I've been thinking a lot more about Joseph.  His seems to be more of a background story, the faithful pillar that lends support in silence.  We don't know a lot about him.  We know that he was espoused (engaged) to Mary when he found out that she was pregnant.  He must have been consumed with a whole spectrum of emotions.  I imagine there was some anger, disbelief, embarrassment, heart-break, grief, and probably more anger.  Despite this, Joseph did not want to hurt or humiliate Mary.  I imagine he went to his knees for solace, thus an angel came to visit him.  After all, angels usually appear as the result of prayer.  We know the angel told Joseph to make Mary his wife.  The angel also told Joseph that Mary was carrying the child the prophets had foretold, the Savior of the world.  Joseph knew that Jesus was the Christ before almost any other mortal man or woman.  (Matthew 1:18-24)

I suppose most of u…

Into the See

A letter to myself.

Dear Self,

See, you did it!  See, it wasn't so bad.  You made it through the first semester, you even did quite well (so the signs all say). 

See, it went by fast.  The moments rolled by like colored balloons, into the sky and away.  It was challenging.  And frustrating.  And exhilarating.  I know you're still a bit confused and anxious, but one step at a time.  The path in your life has always been made clear when you wait for it.  Just wait for it.

Now a month, a month to be just Mom.  To see how your children have changed over these past blurred weeks.  See them, open your eyes.  Disconnect and relax.  The hard work was for them, now the time is for them.  Don't waste it

Can't you see your life is wonderful?  I know you can.



Christmas Wish List - 2010

This year I've decided that I need 2 categories: Practical gifts and Super-Fantastic-Holy-Smokes-I-Need-That gifts (aka the YA RIGHT category).


1. The Kindle - yes, I know, you get it already. But I haven't gotten it already! Dare I say it, my devotion is waning (the YA RIGHT category will illustrate why). You might be wondering why this gift is in the "Practical" category. Well, let me tell you. I think I can actually get a few of my school books on this baby. And check email (though I have to say it's not the smoothest operator on the net).

Santometer says: No chance, although your efforts to schmooze one from Amazon are to be admired. Save harder if you want to score this toy.

2.  A new fridge - hey, it's a wish list!  My brother and sister-in-law generously gave us a fridge when ours went the way of the dodo.  Sadly, it's about the size of a shoe box and freezes vegetables that don't fit in the drawers.  We're very happy to …

Sunday Confessional

I think flameless candles are stupid. 

I hate it when people post "miracle" pregnancy stories.

I totally believe in miracles. 

I am pretty spiteful and mean in my head.
I do a lot of things out of fear.

My feelings got really badly hurt a few weeks ago.  It's hard to suck it up.
I am so glad it is the end of the semester.  I love being in school, but I'm tired.  It's a lot of work.  I underestimated how much work it would be.

I don't like how much I yell.
I wish I was a better mother.

I hate being shy.
I'm often play "what if" scenes out in my head.  What if Eric died.  What if I published a book.  What if we had to move again.  What if what if what if...

I don't like wasting time on anger.  
I wish I didn't get angry so easily.

I wish I had as much faith in myself as I have in my children.
This list was much more serious than I intended.