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Things I learned today:

1. I can actually cook a turkey and not only is it edible, but quite delicious! Now, you might ask, why is this a lesson I learned today? I never cook for Thanksgiving...but we will be this year because Eric's mom has been battling an aggressive cancer that requires chemo and sucks the energy right out of her so we are staying home and cooking for her and the rest of the clan. And the last attempt I made at a turkey was at least six years ago, and didn't come out quite as I'd planned. Edible but not "go for seconds". Alas, the turkey for tonight was not ours to keep as it was going to a church function, but sampling it beforehand was quite satisfying. And I'm quite pleased to know I will actually be able to make a good Thanksgiving turkey for the family!
2. I can cook it but man I can't carve it! Who knew carving a turkey was so difficult. I mean I looked at the diagrams and directions, made my first cut and went "whoa!" The mess I mad…


So I was checking out one of the world's very best blogs and as usual I felt my own troubles become lighter in the face of true trials. I have narrowed down the real face of some of my dark mood to a couple of things:
1. Lack of control. I have no control at all over the future of Carly. It could be a month, six months, a year, or never before the adoption process itself actually takes a step forward but I have no say in that whatsoever. The process has now dragged on so long that we have to redo our physicals to update our homestudy. Because, dear reader, our homestudy is now two years old+. Despite the fact that we have had Carly for 1 year now, its like we are starting from the beginning so far as the homestudy is concerned.
2. Lack of discipline. Whatever I might want to pin it on, I just have no motivation and discipline to get the things done that need to be done. Well, more like, to get them FULLY done. I complete those necessary jobs of everyday life, but the weig…

Oh the Irony

It gives me quite a chuckle that the following article is a "featured" article from Yahoo! I'm also amused that online gaming is part of the "darker side" of the internet, particularly since Yahoo! has a whole section devoted to it....But I digress.
Yes, I am an internet addict...I also enjoy chocolate, Dr Pepper, WoW, and my kids. Which therapist shall I call?

"Are You an Internet Addict?
Fri Nov 3, 2006 7:58AM EST

I was reading through an AFP report on Yahoo! News that says Serbia is now treating people with Internet addictions. This counseling center considers anyone who is not interested in daily activities with family and friends as a potential Internet addict and looks for other signs such as spending prolonged hours online, turning to virtual friends, and isolation. I'm not sure exactly how they treat Internet addiction, but they say treatment usually lasts one year.
After reading this, I headed over to Net Addiction and took an Internet Addiction T…

Tricked and Treated

Joshua, the Roman Death Guard
Carly, the Princess Mini Mage

The Halloween Highlights

Halloween this year was just right. We forgot a few things, bought Josh's costume after the original one he wanted was sold out, and never even carved a pumpkin. But it was still just right. Some highlights from tonight:
The crinkle sound of the leaves under our feet on the sidewalk.
The clear starless night sky and a silver half moon.
Joshua, after being urged to say trick or treat louder, yelling trick or treat just like a mafia goon about to break someone's knees.
While waiting at the lighted doorstep of one house, the homeowner drove up behind us and jumped out of her car saying "Oh my Lord, Oh my I can't believe I forgot to turn off my light! Its been on all day! Wait don't leave I have candy AND chips! Oh my Lord, Oh my Lord, you must think I'm all kinds of bad people!" (Without pausing for breath!)
Josh's cold hand gripping mine at the scary house, reminding me his is still my little boy.
Joshua dismantling his costume piece by piece WHILE trick …