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Sometimes a fan club is not all good....

Let me clarify...after the last blog, my family called me and had all read it...and now they all know I like them! How awful. The only problem is, now I feel so much pressure to write something good! Because they actually read it! None of the normal slop I usually throw up here! Yikes! There is only one thing to be done for it - post pictures instead!

So here is Carly, an official University of Arizona cheerleader! The cutest one ever I might add! And to add to her majesty's cuteness, she actually sat still while I painted her finger AND toe nails! She was delighted! I also painted my own toenails because every now and then I like to pretend I'm not a total slob. Josh is also wearing his matching UofA jersey, Carly does have to have someone to cheer for after all! (Note the super chapped lips....Josh is reluctant to do anything about it because he feels it looks like a moustache....sigh.)

Special thanks to Bud, Jamie and co for making the cuteness possible....I'm mailing you…

Of New Years and Old Issues

I love talking to my mom and dad. They may not actually know this. The speed and frequency with which I return their phone calls may have them convinced that I think its some kind of chore. In fact, I love hearing my dad answer the phone with "Yeah?" in that lovely familiar voice that sends safe waves down the phone line and into my soul. And I love hearing my mom relay all the news of home, sometimes for the third or fourth time, and the way her voice quavers when she is particularly missing me. There is something satisfying about missing and being missed.

One reason I don't return the phone calls of my family, which I probably have never really adequately explained to them, is the waves of home sickness that tend to wash over me after hearing their voices. Some things I miss about home:

The smell of mom's fabric - for Christmas my mom made Carly a sweet little doll in the image of one my sister (and I think I?) had when we were little. The doll is really cute and Car…