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Tidbits, not to be confused with giblets:

Some of you may remember that about 5 years ago Joshua cut his own hair. He took a big chunk out of the front of his hair, which I did not notice until Jenn pointed out that the front of his hair looked like a section was missing. Joshua decided to repeat his foray into the realm of hair stylist, except this time he didn't experiment on himself. That's right, he cut Carly's hair. 2 big chunks of hair from her curly black head. When I noticed that her hair seemed a bit...wrong, I asked Josh if he cut he hair. He answered no but with that tiny shake of the head that indicates, ever so clearly, his guilt. He tried to convince us that Carly must have done it. I, however, knew this wasn't true because she hasn't quite mastered holding the scissors and cutting at the same time.

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner, the whole shabang, for the first time ever (with some help from Eric). Normally I just make a side and take it somewhere. The food was much better than I expected. I h…

Less than

We put up our Christmas tree last week. I can almost hear a collective sigh and rolling of eyes ripple across the waves of the internet.

It's a small Christmas tree, maybe 4 foot, and it is out of the box. We can't have real trees in the Townhouse, even if I thought I wanted one. It has white lights and a strange collection of ornaments...John Deere mini tractors, pictures of the kids each year at Christmas; a giant silver star hanging near the bottom; some straw ornaments that remind me of my Grandparents; a small tin silver angel from my Aunt Nancy; a train with Santa on it from Julie; a tiny sparkling Santa that once lived in the Gingerbread House supplies at Mom's house; a couple ornaments we made the first year we were married; some beaded bells Charlotte and I made; a white crocheted angel from Aunt Mary Jane; and a little Santa holding a light on top instead of a star. It is a cute little tree, one that speaks of family and memory more than beauty. I do think it is p…