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I looked at you and I thought
Oh, that's what this is.
It's brimming over with pride,
screaming inside with fear,
falling all over myself,
I'm sorry I said that,
Can we start over,
Green, blue, gold,
And red.

I looked at you and I thought
How did we get here?
This place where the words echo
Flying between us like projectiles
Sharp and sweet and smothering.
When did we make that turn
And suddenly arrive in new territory
Where you are almost grown
And I am running behind
Trying to catch up.

I looked at you and I thought
I see me
In your eyes, in your face, in your smile
I see the puzzle pieces fit together
But somewhat out of order
And with landscapes
I don't recognize
Places I have
Never been.

I looked at you and I thought
You are still mine.
You will always be mine.
These broken moments
Are only fragments
of what we are
Who we are
Who we can be
Who we will be