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My husband and I decided that I would go to London with my sister and mom as a reward for graduating.

But, then, tickets were like 1 trillion dollars, give or take.
Plan B: New York City.  I bought tickets for Wicked on Broadway (I know, I was asking for it).  We had a hotel in Manhattan.  We were going to visit some amazing places. But, then, my sister had to change her plans so she could launch a rocket.

So, off to Florida we went, we three.  (Cha Cha doesn't do press).

In Orlando, we went to visit a magical wizard (twice, but not in a row).  We bought wands and chocolates that melted in the bag before we could get to the parking lot (and yes, we bought them on our way out).  We rode rides that spun us around and upside down.  We ate in the Three Broomsticks and drank Butterbeer (one person was too afraid to try it, but I won't name names Charlotte).  

We visited a very strange swamp meet/flea market where it was hot and the stalls were all filled with the same bulk Chinese …


This is the summer of do it, or don't do it.  I'm trying to be "serious" about writing in a way that I've never been before. I'm trying to be more physically active.  I'm trying to have the TV on less and to interact about something intellectual with my kids more often.  I'm trying to take my kid(s) to the park for the free lunch at least a few times a week, if not every day.  I'm working on eating more healthy and avoiding late night snacks (oh so very hard).  I've had some success so far.

This is the summer of do it.  Or don't.  The summer where I decide if I'm really going to jump in with both feet and believe in me.  I've never really given that much attention before.  It's never seemed so important.  I've never wanted to do it for myself before.  And I've always failed.  I've tried doing it for my kids.  I've tried doing it to be a good example.  I've tried doing it to make myself rich and famous (the…


When Josh was seven (the age Carly is now), he was a different sort of kid than his sister.  She is high energy, momentum building, must-have-distractions, "When are we going swimming?" 15 times an hour asking - and we're only a couple weeks into this thing we call summer.  She's bored.  Josh used to get that way sometimes, but mostly he was just happy to have a squirt gun, some legos, or a stick to play with.  And, when he wasn't, I would send him over to Gramma Annie's for a few hours/days.  He was and continues to be mostly self-contained.

This summer I am faced with a rather large dilemma.  Carly wants to do stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  But, we live in the sticks.  The closest park with green grass to play on is 15 minutes away.  And after we arrive, she'll be bored and/or hot in five minutes or less.  (In other words, the payoff just ain't worth it).  She really wants to go swimming.  But that's 45 minutes away and at very specific times…