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An Urgent Message From the King

There have only been a few times in my life when I have been impressed that RIGHT NOW is the right time for something: when I got pregnant with Josh, when we began adoption paperwork, when we were looking to move from our last home, and now. Right now, I feel, is the time to move.
I wish it was as simple as that. Poof! Here is your new home! (Visualize Vanna White revealing our new perfect abode.) It's more like "Where is your money? Oh, you don't have any. is a house you will like but can't afford. Here is another house you can rent, but it's falling down. Here is an apartment that costs twice as much and has about the same amount of space...but there's access to a gym! And here is the house Eric WANTS." Really really wants. We haven't actually gone inside yet, that's this Saturday. He sent me the link for this house from work one day last week. Funny thing is, I almost showed him this house about 3 weeks ago but then c…

Wow, or is it WoW?

So, once again linking through blogs in the never ending circle of "This is who I read" I came across this little gem of a blog, truly funny stuff. It's always good to come across clean blogs to share, and if they are as funny as this one its even better.

My only wince came when I started to feel defensive over the jab at World of Warcraft...ok, its just a game...I could be watching TV or sewing or baking or reading or 1000 other things but I play WoW mostly in my free time. I like it. I have met some amazingly great people and learned a lot of things about myself (some good some bad). Why do I have to defend my dorkiness? I'm Tamyrn, and proud dangit! I tried to get my brother Ben to play but he didn't really get into it. He only really tried it 1 time and we later figured out that he spent a whole lot of time running in circles since he didn't understand how to read the map...true story. It didn't help he has dialup and playing ties up his phone line. I …