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My son sliced his leg open tonight at a church activity.  He was out with a group of other kids, ages 12-18, picking up trash along the highway.  Doing service.  Apparently, though the story is not clear, he was holding a trash bag with a piece of metal in it and somehow the metal cut his leg.

I wasn't there.

I wasn't there when the dirty, sharp metal broke my boy's skin and made him bleed.

He still had blood on his leg when he got home.  And his hands.  He said it didn't hurt.

In truth, it's a wicked cut but not particularly bad.  A smooth gash on precious skin.  (Don't fret, he had a tetanus shot just before school started.)  After a long soak in the bathtub, he said it only hurt a little.  Now the cut is bandaged, antibiotic-ed, and tucked in bed with the little boy that isn't little anymore.

I've come to grips I'm coming to grips with the idea that I'm moving on.  Getting older.  Growing gray hair.  My children aren't babies anymore.  No …

Not a lot to say

So I'll talk about Carly.

I mean, I don't talk enough about my kids right?  Right.

Carly is five.  Did you know?  I've officially known this bright star of a child for five years.  That is just unreal.  She came into my life with such an explosion, I don't know that I've ever recovered.

Carly lives her every day life with the same explosive force that brought her streaking into our home.  She dances, literally, across the floor.  She flips, twirls, spins, bounces, slides, walks on her hands (self taught, I certainly don't walk on my hands), stands on her head, flips off furniture, swings as high as she can (also a self taught pumper), runs, gallops, trots, skips.  She is in almost constant motion right up until she isn't, and that's sleepy time thank-you-very-much-put-me-in-bed-NOW.

Carly is also very L O U D.  She laughs loud.  She screams loud.  She talks loud.  She sometimes dresses loud.  But I blame that partially on her father.  (He gets up with …

Stuff He Says

Josh - "And I picked the dragon to represent you."
Me - "Because I'm the mean dragon lady?"
Josh - "Sometimes...I'm kidding!  I'm kidding!"


And my backpack only weighs 20 lbs!

So you might be wondering just what, exactly, I'm studying at school. 

What's that?  You're not?  Well, phooey on you. 

As for everyone else:  I'm taking 5 classes this semester (that's 15 credits if you are interested in that kind of thing.)  I have 3 classes on campus: Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media 105, Spanish 101, and Math 129. 

If you are my stalker or you care more enough to want to know more about IFDM, you can track my work for this semester on the blog they forced me to create via wordpress.  The horror!  It's not all that interesting, lots of photos and links and even sketches by mine own hand.  (Don't get excited, I'm not much of a drawing type person, although I do make a mean stick figure.)  IFDM 105 is all about creativity.  Last week we took lots of photos and then played around in Photoshop.  This week we're making analog models and then we're going to photograph them and play around with the photos on Illustrator.  It…