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broken hearts

on days like this we try to explain things
the truth is
there are no explanations
some things are just senseless

we look at the shattered pieces
dazzling shards
and try to arrange them
into what-might-have-beens

none of the arrangements
are satisfying
so we begin again
slicing open our hands on the sharp edges

we say
somewhere buried in the ashes
there must be meaning
there must be lessons

but perhaps that is the lesson:
that there isn't one
that every day is a random gift
to unwrap or throw away

Santometer 2012

It's finally here, your gift guide for just what to get me the year the world comes to an end.  This year's guide caters to the ultimate (after all, we've only got a few days until the apocolypse, right?)  and price is no object.  At least it doesn't cost anything to dream.

1.  A family and friends all access vacation to Universal Studios Orlando and specifically Harry Potter Land.  Witches, broomsticks, wands and butter beer not to mention food, gifts, and front of the line passes. 

Santometer says: Your chances of going on this trip are about as likely turning into a newt.

2.  An emerald cut diamond ring.  Because it's pretty.  So, so pretty. 

Santometer says: You've been blinded by the light.

3. 2012 Jaguar XJ.  Won't my ring look nice while I am driving that car?  I'm glad we can agree.

Santometer says: Maybe a matchbox version if you're a good little girl.

4.  This house.  And all new furniture.  So I have a place to keep the car.

Santometer …