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The Worst Kept Secret

So, if I know my Dad, 90% of the free world (at least 90% of the people that read this blog) now know that Eric might possibly be getting transferred to Houston. This was a top secret bit of information that we were keeping top secret at least until June (other than a select few that we told who have tight lips). However, what was unforeseen was the swiftness with which Joshua would spill this secret when he talked to Grandpa on the phone. It took less than 2 minutes for Josh to start talking about what Houston might be like. Even more impressive, my Dad was able to scare Josh about possible hurricanes and alligators despite being caught completely off guard by Josh's bit of news. I know he's told Ben and co because I received a phone call from Ben this afternoon (sorry I missed it, I did try to call you back at the number you called from but it went straight to a voicemail).

So here's the knitty gritty dirt. Eric was pulled aside by a VP type about 2 weeks ago. He at first…

The emancipated woman

WARNING! This may seem preachy... Tonight when we were out at dinner I overheard a woman talking to what I assume are her parents about a class she is taking. She was saying that they read from an old book about what a wife should do for her husband when he gets home: tie a ribbon in your hair, turn down household noises, make the house comfortable because he probably had a harder day then you, etc. All those typical 1950s sitcom housewifey things. She was laughing because when the teacher asked the class if they wanted to be that kind of wife only 1 person raised their hand. It just made me what point did we, as women, decide that we couldn't play the role of the housewife? What's so wrong with it? By no means am I the perfect housewife, far from it. I'm pretty lazy on the whole. I expect (and like it) Eric to do the dishes. I am really bad at laundry. I don't like cooking. However, I love being at home when my son is done with school. I love putting my dau…