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Time lost and never found

So today it suddenly occurred to me that only 10 years ago I was still a teenager. And then I thought, if you rephrase that to a decade ago I was a teenager - it sounds bad! I still think of myself as 19/20 years old and it has come as a shock that shortly I will be leaving my 20s behind me. And, scarier for them than for me, my parents will have children all in their 30s by this time next year! How did that happen? I think 5 years just got sucked out the vast window of life. Then the other 5 years went trailing out behind it. I am comforted by a petty kind of thought though: I may have found a sprinkle or two of stubborn silver hair (not gray, no way), but Eric will hit every major milestone before me. In fact, when I hit 30 he'll be on the down slope to 40! I drive him nuts with this little fact.
I was also thinking that I don't much remember what was going on ten years ago. So for all of you that are caught up in the whirlwind of life with me, here is a review of the fascina…

Boring me boring you

So my brother Ben says that I always talk about the same stuff on my blog. I think that is his subtle way of saying I'm dull. Or something. I don't know, my life is pretty dull after all. So I thought maybe I would do a top 20 list all about me. (HAHA now you can see how dull I really am!) You will probably know some of these things, but I'll try to keep them....fresh?
1. I am UBER shy. Not a little, more like painfully, knees start to shake, heart beating when I meet new people shy.
2. I LOVE chocolate (if you know me at all that is not a big surprise)
3. I love to write. Someday maybe I'll be famous, but likely not.
4. I hate math. With a passion.
5. I love email. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I hate talking on the phone as equally as I love email. Go figure.
6. I cut my own hair most of the time - for good or bad....
7. I am only ticklish in a couple of places, and even then it has to be tickled just so. Only my sister seems to know the secret and thankfully she hasn…

Bits and pieces

So we're coming up on Carly's first birthday, Josh's 8th birthday and subsequent baptism, and our 9th wedding anniversary. August will be a busy month!
In other breaking news: Joshua has another case of strep throat. It has become practically a monthly occurence and it is now recommended (finally I might add) that he has his tonsils removed. Hopefully this will happen either pre or post birthday so that said birthday is not forever marred by surgical remembrances.
We had a lovely 4th of July during which Carly covered herself in watermelon and cake icing - and we didn't bring a camera! We are just silly parents.
No adoption news, I know you're dying to ask. It looks as if she will hit her first birthday still under the official heading of foster child. SIGH.