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Eye Candy


Oh Christmas Tree....

The holidays are here, officially. Of course, according to the stores, it's been Christmas since August or so. Christmas seemed a lot more magical when I was a kid, and a lot less work. These days I am consumed with making cards, buying presents, and wondering how exactly I am going to pay all the bills. I love being a stay at home mom, but the reality is - I need a job! Somehow we always dig ourselves back into this pit. On Saturday I wanted to put up the Christmas tree. I floated this idea by Josh, where let's say it met a somewhat flat reception. I was so illogically, frustratingly mad about it! Just a silly tree. But I felt like I was the only one that cared anything about it. Here I was busting my behind to make Christmas happen for our family and Josh was so "ah well" about it! He's only 7, so every ten minutes he might change his mind - but I still pretty much lost it. Threw a regular fit about the whole thing. Then of course I felt guilty...…

The mouth of babes

Last night we were having dinner at Outback - something I could devote a whole discourse to but won't - and somehow we got on the topic of Christmas presents. Eric, teasing Joshua, says "Well, I won't give you a Robo Raptor for Christmas then" and Josh, completely serious, responds "Ya, well then I won't give you your rock!"
This is but one of many of Josh's little jewels. Some of our favorites:
Said after Daddy jumps out from the bathroom in the morning to scare him: "We don't do that, it's too early!"
After watching a commercial that discusses a woman having a brain tumor removed and then having a baby a year later:
"So that's how you have a baby, you have a brain tumor"
At about 3 years old "Mom can I have that?" he asks.
"What do you say?" I respond.
"Please what?" I prompt hoping for a complete sentence.
"Please thank you."
"Please, thank you, what?"