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Bad news and other sorts

I find myself wishing it was all so much easier
I see people that seem to skip through life
on tip toe, and smiling
And I wonder how they do it
What's the secret
Why can't I learn it.

I've gotten good at making mistakes
Repeat, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat
The rhythm of falling so familiar
that I don't feel right without it
Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, repeat
Stepping back from the brink of disaster
is a much harder tune to play.

Have you ever been fed up with yourself
with your choices
with your stumbling
with your failing
So fed up that the good things seem small
and the bad things feel tall
I feel that way today.

I love it when

The first blossoms pop on the tree branches - pinks and whites and happiness.

Hard work pays off.

I'm not the only one that had a hard time on a test.

A basketball game goes down to the last second.

I have pizza for dinner.

The mailman brings more than just bills.

I plant the first seed of spring.

I think of my mother-in-law.

Eric makes a Poppa face.

My iPod only plays good songs.

Josh laughs.

Carly twirls.

I wear a sweatshirt that says "Thing One".

I sell a bunch of stuff on ebay.

I realize how great things really are.


A while back b-happy, a very talented photographer and writer and mom, posed the question "Is it worth it?" and I've been thinking about that off-and-on for a while.

Is it worth it?

On days like today when I did more yelling than talking?
On days like today when I'm trying to write a paper and forgetting to pay attention to my kids?
On days like today when my husband is making dinner again, not to mention helping with homework, doing errands, getting children to school on time in the morning with lunch in hand, holding down a full time job, and just generally doing all the things I don't do?

Is it worth it?

Despite all the yelling, all the frustration, all the dirty floors and bathrooms, all the questions I can't answer, all the moments that have nothing to do with me and everything to do with them, it's totally worth it.

I read skimmed an article about a woman who decided she didn't want to be a mom.  After she already popped out two kids.  It's n…

College is

aka Another Helpful List

keys tapping
  wheels rolling
            people watching
               dead-air time to fill
                 papers due
              excuse making
            confidence building
          ego shredding
    bad-feeling-about-this making
  down right confusing
     back pack toting
       laptop dropping
         internet surfing
          looking forward to Spring Break
            faster than breathing