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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours the merriest kind of Christmas and love in the New Year!

Eric, Sarah, Joshua, and Carly

Absolute Delight

Imagine my surprise when I glance at the comments for my last blog entry and see a comment from my dad. This is the dad that loves his routine, that won't buy you a Christmas present if he can't find it all Walgreens, who calls Eric to tease him about Penn State even on days they win, who stays up all night worrying about his kids and calls to make sure that no we really don't let Josh play in the dryer - it WAS just that once, the dad who calls my mom when she's visiting here to ask how to use the washing machine. My dad doesn't leave blogger comments, but he did! A few simple words from my dad and I'm all full of the warm fuzzies. And yes, I even laughed out loud with sheer, absolute delight and amusement.
A few other things that bring me absolute delight, on a recent scale:
~ Hanging Christmas decorations on my tree that look like some my grandmother always had on hers. (Decorations made of straw that made Eric raise his eyebrows - "you want those?&…