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Open the envelope and look inside

I was looking through "my documents" on my desktop and I decided to read through some of my start and stop fiction I have filed away there. It's funny to me, but most of the time after I write something I don't much remember how it goes. The first story I posted here is one of the few I've ever gone anywhere with. More are closer to the following:

Realization came suddenly to Sam. One moment he was drifting on a silvery, placid lake with only a puddle of stars above him to keep him company. The next moment he realized that he was cold, wet, and alone and he didn’t remember the reason why. He became aware of a rythmic pounding and found that it was the waves slapping up against the sides of the boat and sloshing over the sides. The water was frothing angrily at Sam’s feet, hitting his legs with icy daggers. In the darkness he stared at the churning water, both in the boat and out, and started to panic. Rowing furiously he made for the shore, though it seemed imp…