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Numbers mean nothing

1 year, 6 months, 26 days - From the day Carly was born to the day we finalized the adoption

$2000 - the amount of the homestudy and placement fee (a mere pittance compared to the normal cost of adoption. Had Carly not been a "special needs" case it would have been $4000 - still a bargain in the adoption world)

2880 - the number of diapers we changed from day 1 to gotcha day assuming she made 5 dirty diapers a day

4lbs 12 oz - Carly's weight when she came home from the hospital

6 years, 11 months, 24 days - From the day Josh was born to the day Carly was born

8 zillion - A rough estimate of the tears shed because we couldn't have a baby

8 zillion and 1 - A rough estimate of the tears shed because Carly came to us

1152 - Hours of sleep lost (assuming an average of 2 per day) from Carly's birth to gotcha day assuming 2 sleepless hours per day.....I would estimate this number is actually much higher

These numbers mean nothing, and at the same time everything. They take some…

Gotcha Day!

Today's the day! Carly is ours FOREVER!!!!!! The judge signed that paper today that makes Carly ours, and we couldn't be happier! It feels a little unreal! For now I'm going to post a picture from the judge's chambers. I plan to compile a little history, summary type thing and post it soon.
Oh happy day!

Carly helping sign the finalization:
The newly minted family with Courtney, our agency rep, and Judge Young: