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The search for a ongoing saga - and other stuff of no relation

Although this probably won't be the name I actually pick for my blogger name, it struck my funny bone and thus I shall share:
Which = Proudly hosting unproductive google ads

Wait! I have google ads? Perhaps the placement of such ads that the veeeeeeery bottom of my blog contributes to their complete unproductiveness.....something to consider.

In other news, I just wanted to direct you in the direction of the book I am currently rereading. Be careful though, you might actually get sucked into Foo.

Oh noes!

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, llegue, when it suddenly came to me...I must be the only blogger in the universe that doesn't have a cool blog name! I'm just "Sarah". I can't let that happen! I must find a new, cool, improved and - most importantly! - catchy nickname. The pressure! I can't take it! Oh what will I do, where will I go???

Anyhow, drama notwithstanding, I shall now begin the search for a new name....stay tuned.

p.s. Despite its complete wrongness of grammar and spelling, I have embraced "oh noes" as a usable phrase. Apparently I have embraced the word "wrongness" too. Is that even a word?? What am I coming to?

p.s.s. For those of you that track these kind of happenings in my life: Josh had his tonsils out yesterday. He did great, never cried or complained except telling me once he was getting "freaked out". The hospital staff was in love with him and did everything possible to make it less tramatic. He's fin…

And a couple more I forgot because my head is full of useless information

~ What is it with ugly purses? I'm sorry but I refuse to carry a purse that is
a) bigger than my behind and
b) covered in gold buckles, chains, and brads and finally
c) uglier than ugly.
At Target today, I thought "I should take a picture of these ugly bags and post them for all to see." But really, why spread the pain?

~ I suppose all the ugly shoes I looked at were made to match said ugly purses? All the shoes in the store were either pointy or strange colors or looked ridiculously like giant elf shoes. 4 rows of shoes and the only decent things were a FEW of the tennis shoes and a couple pairs of heels that would cause me to look like Utootall, Amazon Woman, while standing next to Eric.

~ Along this same line...if we want the economy to pick up and shoppers to actually buy and not browse, perhaps we should be producing fewer ugly purses and shoes?

~ And finally...I don't care if you Republican, Democrat, or Ostrich - It just doesn't seem right to continue financi…

Observations from an oddly normal day

Just some of the thoughts that run through my mind and the happenings that occur as I go about my "busy work"...

~ Carly has a strange fascination with her sleeves. When you put a long sleeve shirt on her she will look first at the sleeve, then her hand, then her sleeve while moving her hand. I imagine she must be thinking "Whoa!"

~ When cutting your own hair, save the panic for when the final strand is cut. Then panic.

~ Maybe its better just to stop being cheap and pay for a haircut?

~ The good thing about curly hair (one of the few upsides to having it I can find) is if you happen to cut your own hair a little unevenly, no one can really tell.

~ Somehow, Eric manages to leave articles of clothing in every room of the a trail leading to his favorite rooms in the house.

~ Planning then changing an entire Enrichment meeting in the course of a week is not a stress free way to spend your days.

~ Carly also has a strange fascination with deodorant. Not wearing i…


Yes I have too much time on my hands and I like playing WoW so much I made a movie of my screenshots....But what you don't understand is that my new love in life is called Windows Movie Maker and I am having such a good time playing with it that EVERYTHING is getting movie-fied!
I am disappointed with the uploaded quality of my creation, it looks so much better on my computer. But, oh well....

Fascinating Discoveries

I learned a couple of very highly, strangely interesting things today:
1. A girl I went to high school with (back when I walked up hill both ways with no shoes in the snow sleet and rain) is an aspiring country music singer. She was a very good singer in high school (we were in the same choir classes a few times) and I have often wondered if she pursued the dream. She actually sounds quite good if you'd like to check it out here

2. When I checked out her website, which was brought to my attention courtesy of Tamara
(, I discovered that Melanie looked and sounded like a grown person. How can that be when I myself don't feel like a grown up? I've explored this topic before, I know, but it still comes as a shock that I'm *gasp* approaching 30 and so are all my high school classmates. What? How? When?