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I am..

So Selfish! Every now and then my selfishness comes and blasts me in the face, just to remind me how lucky I truly am. I spend a lot of time worrying about the stuff that doesn't matter. Lately Eric and I have been discussing our current situation and we have come to realize that the one circumstance we can't control is taking over ever other aspect of who we are. We can't help but obsess about it as it involves our child. Our child that is not really ours yet and may never be. But in the meantime, we are overlooking the things we do have for certain. Things like our marriage, and Joshua, and life, and happiness. Perhaps it is human nature to keep looking for that something more, that one piece of the puzzle that will bring satisfaction. If you have all the pieces but they are in the wrong places, however, you still keep searching. That's where we are, looking for the right configuration. And it is so difficult for me to pull my head out of the sand, because I am afrai…

So where are the pictures anyhow??

I know, you all keep checking back in hopes of catching a glimpse of the stars of the show: Josh and Carly.
Josh at the Pine Car Derby
Note the look of shock and fear Carly is sporting, she still isn't quite sure what to think of the flash and so this is what she looks like each time it goes off. HAHA We don't know why Carly started making this face, but it sure is funny

The new living room
Josh and Carly playing video games

Small mercies...

Some how, some way, for reasons I can not begin to understand, God is watching out for me. He has me in the hollow of His hand, and I am so grateful to be there. What brought this on, you faithful two readers, ask? Well today I had to run to Farmington Hills, which is about a forty five minute drive with traffic (in Michigan they don't talk miles, they talk minutes). When I left home I had a quarter of a tank of gas. When I got to my destination, the gas gauge was sitting stubbornly on E. Being ill prepared, I had no cash, no credit card (spawn of the devil!), and no check card on me. So, I had no choice but to pray my way home. Some how, some way, for reasons I can not begin to understand, the fumes in my tank carried me all the way back to the bank and gas station - 45 minutes away. Never once did the tank sputter or shudder and Carly and I made it safely back home. Small mercies are the type that move big mountains over time.