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She's here! Our new baby girl, Carly. And she came just when we thought she might never make it.
We began the adoption process about a year and a half ago, hoping to adopt a child between the ages of two an five so that Joshua would have a playmate. We filled out paperwork, and more paperwork, and more paperwork. We forked over some money to get the whole ball rolling and then we waited.....................and we worried...................and we searched for just the right child to complete our family. We had a couple of false alarms, a couple of almost but not really's, a couple of at our rope's ends, and I almost gave up. Lucky for me, Eric wasn't ready too give up too. He said to hang in there, wait a while longer, keep hoping, and so I did - albeit with a heavy heart.
Then suddenly, a phone call. A little girl had been born and she needed a family. She had a rough start, not all the best care and advantages that most babies have. Did we want her, they aske…