Friday, January 7

Hollywood Flop

I couldn't be happier that Richard Gere fell flat on his face. He decided to do a political ad on Palestinian TV, urging them to get out and vote. On behalf of the world, no less! I don't remember making Mr. Gere my spokeperson. He is certainly not my first choice for world ambassador. Nothing is more annoying than a Hollywood actor deciding that a couple of movies under his belt makes him an expert on world politics and policy. During the recent US election, actors were coming out of the bushes like crazy to tell me that John Kerry was their number one man. I'm certainly not going to take advice from someone that has 100 times more money than me, has been married three or four times, is regularly arrested for driving drunk or doing drugs, and has no clue what its like to live in middle America during this day and age. It's always interesting when actors get involved in world politics too, because it only goes to show what a bunch of hoo-haas they are to think that the world at large cares about their opinion. I don't mind if you sell me perfume, clothes, cars, movies, and the lot - but stay out of my voting booth!

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