Sunday, January 9

Video Game Zombie

Have you ever noticed the addictive quality of video games? We recently purchased a new gaming system. My initial worry was that my six year old would want to play it too much. I should have worried that I would want to play it too much! I have spent many, many hours melting my brain and straining my eyes. My son likes playing on it too, but by far I have logged the most hours of racing, jumping, and other virtual activities. I think the game makers must put some sort of stimulating drug that is transmitted through the pictures. My little race car is actually saying "race me, race me" instead of vroom vroom. I finally gave in to the collapse of my eyes and turned the darn thing of.
And yet, from the back room, I can almost hear it calling me - "Just one more race, you're gonna win next time."
How can I say no to that?


Jules said...

It's true, they are addictive. I have played one game or another in the past to the extent that when I sleep, I dream about

Sarah said...

Ahh, yes, racing in my sleep - a familiar state of mind.