Thursday, January 13

Wake Up!

I hate mornings! No matter how excited I am about the day to come, I dread the morning that brings it. The cheerful sunshine, the singing birds, the sounds of waking from sleep - they all grate on my nerves. I just want to sleep in my bed until almost afternoon, crawl out from my sheets at about 11 am, and after lounging on the couch for a while get my day started at about 2 pm. Of course, being a mom doesn't really facilitate that state of motion. The bus insists on arriving at 10 after eight, and the state has some silly law about children being entitled to an education...Luckily, my husband is an early riser. So, on those mornings that he has the day off, I am allowed to get in touch with my sleepy side. It's good to be married!

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