Saturday, September 24

An Almost Smile

Carly has topped the scales at NINE WHOLE POUNDS! Can you believe it? She still seems so tiny, and she is only 20 inches long which is fairly short. We discovered this at a Dr's appointment, along with the news that she has reflux. That would explain why she has spituponmom alot-osis. Poor kid can't keep her dinner in. She is doing alright despite that, and doesn't complain unless you aren't holding her 24/7....I know, I can see it coming too. She really doesn't cry much though, so it's ok if she squeaks at us now and again.
Today I was talking to her and for a moment she gave me an "almost" smile. Don't be fooled, it is not the pictured "sleeping" smile that you see here. This was the kind of smile where she has the gleam in her eye, the lift in her cheeks, but you're still not sure if it's "gas". I was so thrilled, but then after the fleeting glimpse of heaven I questioned whether or not she meant to give me this smile. I'm still not sure, but I am going to pretend like it was completely intentional. There is something special about that first smile, that first laugh. It tells me I am doing ok, that I'm gonna make it as a mommy, and that there is so much joy to come. Hopefully soon we'll have an "all the way" smile to talk about!

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