Wednesday, September 7

Uh Oh

Joshua sustained his first "major injury" today. "Major injury" is a term his father came up with, it was more of a minor sprain.
Joshua was running outside while playing with his friends. Not running around, just running. Apparently, his friend Max is Superman and can run way too fast (Josh's words). Joshua, however, is more like the 8th dwarf - Pokey. Not that he doesn't try hard. He really tries hard to be fast. In fact, this summer he bested his cousin Marion in a race and you would have thought he won an olympic medal - but I digress (I have always wanted to say that!). Today he was trying to be fast. I guess a stick in the yard felt that it wasn't right to allow him to set the new land speed record because it tripped him.
What we heard from inside the house was something along the lines of
"AHHHHHHH, OWWWWWWWWW, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOO" and so forth, but much more high pitched than I can type. Eric and I ran to the door and found Joshua in tears, red faced, and screaming at said Max (instead of said stick) about how much it "really, really hurts".
We bustled Josh inside where the screaming continued until Eric's head was about to explode. After a while Joshua is still crying and yelling like the end of his world has come and so we decide to take him to the ER. Eric is fixing dinner, and so he stays home withCarly while Josh and I jump in the zoomer car and head to the doctor. Of course, we are trying to stretch every mile out of our gas tank and so the gas gauge reads somewhere between E and REALLY REALLY Empty. I stop and get $10 worth of gas (which came out to only 3.3 gallons - *sigh*), a sprite and a Dr. Pepper - this will actually be important later on.
We make it to the ER and Joshua is already calming down. He isn't crying and screaming anymore and the nurse looks at me with that "are you nutty" look and after filling out forms we commence to waiting. The Dr. comes in, looks at his hand, says it looks ok but orders X Rays just in case. And then more waiting. The whole time Joshua's number one concern is the possibilty of getting a shot. It worries him more than his hand hurts and he asks about it at least a thousand times. Also by this time he has downed almost his entire Sprite whereby he announces that his hand still hurts but that the Sprite calmed him down. The X Rays are, naturally, just fine and they wrap up his black and blue fingers in a make shift splint and send us on our way. Joshua is fascinated with the splint - "it's like a cast but it's not." He is waving it around and tapping it on things and has basically forgotten that he was in terrible life-ending agonized pain not 45 minutes ago.
All I can think at this point is "next time I am driving home after I pick up the sprite".
Joshua is fine, Eric's head has ceased spinning, and Carly slept basically through everything only waking up to make a stinky diaper for her dad.
Ain't life grand?


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