Tuesday, November 15

The mouth of babes

Last night we were having dinner at Outback - something I could devote a whole discourse to but won't - and somehow we got on the topic of Christmas presents. Eric, teasing Joshua, says "Well, I won't give you a Robo Raptor for Christmas then" and Josh, completely serious, responds "Ya, well then I won't give you your rock!"
This is but one of many of Josh's little jewels. Some of our favorites:
Said after Daddy jumps out from the bathroom in the morning to scare him: "We don't do that, it's too early!"
After watching a commercial that discusses a woman having a brain tumor removed and then having a baby a year later:
"So that's how you have a baby, you have a brain tumor"
At about 3 years old "Mom can I have that?" he asks.
"What do you say?" I respond.
"Please what?" I prompt hoping for a complete sentence.
"Please thank you."
"Please, thank you, what?"
"Please thank you hot dog?"
And perhaps one of the funniest moments in Joshua history: At 2 years old in the McDonald's drive thru with his grandma after the line has taken exceptionally long "Gramma, what's the "F***ing" hold up?" Gramma's response: "Joshua Thomas! Where did you hear that word?!" Silence. "Did you hear it from daddy?" Silence. "Did you hear it from mommy?" Silence. "Did you hear it from Uncle Scott?" Silence. "Did - did you hear it from Gramma?" Now, almost crying, "Yes, Gramma!"

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