Tuesday, December 13

Odds and Ends

Only 12 days until Christmas, and I am feeling the pressure. Of course, it is all self inflicted but I digress. I thought you might like to see what Joshua's Christmas letter contains and so I quote:
Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy. How are you doing? How are your reindeer doing? This year I want Viking ship, a Viking castle, Harry Potter graveyard, Lord Vladek castle, Lego chess, Bionicles, Lego Police sation and cargoship, sandcrawler, turbo tank, shell shocker, Roboraptor, video games an xbox Thank you Santa. love Josh
It's quite a list and I have not acquired on single thing off the list. Now that I am an adult, I wonder how any parent ever gets away with the whole Santa thing. I mean, I use the same wrapping paper! Half the time the presents are not what was asked for, and Santa (despite numerous Reindeer) never makes a peep. I suppose there is something to be said for the magic of innocence, the complete faith and trust in your parents. And I feel a little guilty about that - I mean, I am lying to him. But here's how I figure it goes: Santa is the spirit of giving, the attitude of Christmas and when Santa comes, it is what he represents that is truly important. I hope that Joshua and Carly see it that way someday when they are fooling their own children. A little part of me hopes they are right and Santa is coming with a sleigh full of Christmas magic. Let me know if you've seen him.

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Jennifer said...

What a cute picture - Josh looks so grown up!