Tuesday, February 27

This and that

After being shuffled from my bed to his own, still half in slumber: Mom can you get me a glass of Mothra?

Sarah botherism:
Watching the "Today" show I was somewhat peeved when a certain exchange took place. Matt Lauer was talking to former US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, and his wife Janet Langhart who is African American. Matt asked: Do you think the US is ready for a black president, a woman president or even a Mormon president? Well! Ms Langhart immediately jumped in and said that she had a problem with the Mormon church and began listing beliefs to which she objected, including policies which were changed back in 1972 - some 30 years ago. Her husband, thankfully, said something to the effect that it was a quite a long time ago and they have dramatically changed their policy. This bugs me, it leads me to believe that religion is one of the remaining great divides in our country. In the battle for public office it is never a problem that someone is Baptist or Catholic - but Mormon! Heaven forbid! Its ridiculous to judge Mitt Romney's capacity to lead according to his religious beliefs. Soap box discussion temporarily closed...

And finally, for those that track this, we have a court date! A real and true court date with a judge where - can it be! - they might just finalize this train wreck of an adoption! Friday (yes in 4 days!) at 9 am the gavel falls and hopefully falls in our favor. We'll keep you posted!


Jamie Lyn said...

Hey Sarah that is great news to hear about carly and that she will be finally the families!! i have created my own blog page. It is
thegerharts.blogspot.com all one word .

Lacey said...

Hey Sarah that is wonderful! Do keep us posted. We'll be praying for you.