Tuesday, May 13

Mine is not to question why...

When we are kids we ask questions like 'why is the sky blue?'. Now that I am an adult, I ask different kinds of questions...here are a few I thought of today while making some mac-n-cheese and doing dishes:

~ Why do people* leave dirty laundry on the floor next to the dirty laundry basket?

~ Why does my father-in-law save the milk top rings?

~ Did my laundry take it literally when God said to multiply and replenish the earth? It seems to have the concept mastered.

~ How is it that dinner takes an hour to make and 5 minutes to eat?

~ Did the laundry teach the dishes how to multiply and replenish too??

~ In what way is using plastic cups and paper plates more sensible?

~ What is it about cooking outside that makes things taste better?

~ How come I have a cupboard full of food and nothing to eat?

~ Just how does my mom's voice come out of my own mouth?

~ How come boys have no problem 'going' in the shower, but are grossed out by cleaning the toilet?

~ Where did that candy come from?

~ How did my keys get lost between the car and the front door?

*People could possibly refer to any member of my house, including me...I'm not saying I do, I'm not saying I don't!


Heather said...

Hilarious... I'm so with you on the laundry and the full cupboard and nothing to eat.

Anonymous said...

Once I got past the shock of you actually doing dishes and making dinner on the same day I came up with a few answers for you:
-Blue sky: it is not that scientific wavelength of light in the atmosphere, it is because it was decided by the majority in the council in heaven that it was the best color.
-Nobody left dirty laundry on the floor, the items were clearly going in to the basket and there was a rupture in the space time continuium that moved the basket unbeknownst to the depositer
-Like kitchen cupboards, even when all the clothes are clean and put away there is nothing to wear
-Milk rings are way cooler than the rip off tabs so you have to kee them when you can. They also have special protective powers against all types of monsters - that is the only thing that saved a ~12 yr old kid in a tank top from bein carried away by a giant bird of some type, and have you ever known a sasquach to be seen by a person carring milk rings?
-You really do not want to know the answer to the outside cooking question, it is related to the boys in the shower question
-That was Carly's candy, but you can have it because it was not as good as the one she took from you to replace it
-You may recall the superman action figure that you crushed under the car seat - he and the lost army men and star wars action figures team up to snatch and hide your keys when you pass through their territory

I have a good life said...

That is awesome! I have many questions that need answering, too. Like, why is everyone content until the phone rings then there are emergencies all around? I can also second the full cupboards with nothing to eat! How about this one: "Why does a "clean" room have clothes all over the floor and toys piled up in the corner?"

Sarah said...

haha that type of clean room is my house to a t. :)