Thursday, September 11

Firmly Undecided

Did you hear the one about the woman VP nominee that was lipstick on a pig?

From this article:

During an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday, Obama said the backlash was all part of the “silly season in politics” as the campaign heats up.

“Keep in mind that technically had I meant it this way — she would be the lipstick” and McCain’s policies would be the pig, he said.


That makes it better? Palin is the lipstick? I guess his stupidometer alarm wasn't set loud enough.

I love politics. I love debate and exchanging ideas, I love that in our country we are free to be outraged when people make stupid comments.

I am 100% on the fence about both candidates. I don't want another liberal president -- come on people, did you forget what it was like to have Bill Clinton in the oval office? Take off the rose colored glasses and smell the ridiculousness that was his presidency. On the other hand, McCain comes across as hot headed and stiff and I have my doubts about just how much of a maverick he really is.

Is there an option c?

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pam said...

I think we need to have lunch so we can debate over the choices and figure out who is better. I already know who is but I want to see if I can pursued you to see the light. heeheehee. We can discuss the different policies and the pros and cons. Halting screeeeeeech. What kind of world am I living in? Hello, I need to take note from your last post. I have 3 of the 4 at home at lunch time and I would not be able to discuss such things because I will be to busy telling them to stop this or eat your food tina, or change your tone child please before I lose mine, etc.. etc....
We should get together and have lunch still, maybe we can recruit some of our visiting teachingees and have a luncheon at my place or yours.