Monday, September 22

A mote in my eye

Well, more like a puddle - so the good doctor says. I have an eye infection; a painful, light refracting, no spare glasses, bloodshot, blind as a bat eye infection and it really stinks.

After visiting the good doctor, Eric and I couldn't help but laugh at the obvious questions he asked me:

good doc: How old are your contacts?
me: umm, pretty old.
good doc: Oh.

good doc: Don't you have any glasses?
me: ummm they broke.
good doc: Oh.

good doc: When was your last eye exam?
me: ummm, either last summer or the summer before.
good doc: Oh...


Heather said...

Oh... sounds super helpful. Good luck being sightless for a while.

Anonymous said...

This is exaclty what happens when you get a bug in your eye (real or imagined). Now you know why Carly is so afraid of getting a bug in her eye :>=|