Sunday, September 28

sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!

It's a small world after all!

Betina, my sister says she knows your sister-in-laws (2 of them) from church in Abq. How crazy is that?? Also, we wanted to offer you a box of clothes that is sitting upstairs in Carly's closet. If you send me an email of your address I would be most happy to pass them along to you at our expense (only the good ones of course!) jtedst at yahoo dot com. So many of Carly's pretty things were gifts or pass alongs that I love sharing them and most of them were barely worn.

You asked if you should just get Ivy's hair wet and put some conditioner on it. I'd say...if it's really dirty, wash it. Dry is better than dirty. If it's not dirty, don't get it wet unless you have to. I really try to pick hairstyles for Carly that will last more than a couple of days - I know, it goes against that white girl instinct again, but don't panic. When the time comes and if you choose to put Ivy's hair in corn rows or other types of braids, they are meant to stay in for up to 3 weeks. That's right, 3 weeks without washing hair. It's scary. Unless Ivy has a completely different texture than Carly, though, you will notice that once braided or pony tailed or tamed, her hair is pretty thin and probably doesn't get greasy dirty. When it does come time to braid, some kind of hair grease/oil is needed on the parts to keep it from getting to dry. And rinsing in the bath is fine, I never had a problem with Carly's braids in water, so long as you follow up with moisturizer, grease or whatever you prefer.

I found this really great site, although I haven't had time to read it all. My advice is pretty skimpy compared to the wealth of information you can find there.

And lest you think Carly's hair is always the cute....Behold!

This is why I buy hats.

p.s. I found some really cute hats at Claire's, there is a great section just for baby girl types at the back of the store.

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