Tuesday, October 28

Diary of a Tuesday Morning

Hit snooze twice, not bad for me. I never get up before at least one snooze.

Roused a sleepy Josh using the subtle, yet effective, tickle method.

Picked out clothes for Josh, then Carly. Carly cried the whole time about being cold.

Made breakfast - as in, made the cereal pour into the bowl and the juice into the glass.

Read blogs and emails.

Un-knotted Josh's shoes and helped him put them on.

Reminded Josh to get his violin, ushered 2 kids into the car.

Drove Josh to school under a golden sunrise.

Drove home.

Found Josh's violin on the couch.

Turned on a movie for Carly.



taturner said...

What would have been even more awesome is if Josh had taken his violin case to school, thinking that he had remembered his violin, and you had come home and found the violin on the couch.

*MARY* said...

We woke up at 10:30 this morning. It was lovely, I'm dreading the day my kids go to school.