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Election '08 - This time with cantidates you can stomach!

So Josh is really getting into this whole election, politics thing.

And I know you won't believe it - especially if you share DNA with me - but it is not because of any encouragement from me.

Last night Josh decided he is going to run for President of Our House. He spent about an hour up in his room working on his campaign. It was crazy quiet. You might think that would alarm me, but I mostly just liked that he was focused on something other than Calvin and Hobbes books or SpongeBob. Small victories.

He called me up to come visit his campaign headquarters. He had set up a box as a table. You can't see it, but behind this is a little cardboard box stool for Josh to sit on. The front of the box says:

Prebuilt Toys and Legos
Cost Your Vote
For Me

That's right, he's buying votes. He's so ready for American politics!

I asked him what kind of things he would do for me as President of the House (for a day). He made some fantastic promises:

He would clean his room, Carly's room, and my room. If you could see how messy his room is right now you would know what a big promise that really is.

After my brief tour of the landfill (aka Josh's room) Josh came downstairs and started making a flurry of campaign posters. (Ok so the posters came after some nudging from me, but I'll do almost anything to get him to actually want to write/color/draw and like it.)

Please take note of Josh's exceptional campaign slogans (please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes):

All the money in here for your vote for Josh:
(His money jar is supposed to be under the poster, but he got swept up in the excitement and forgot to put it there)

Vote for a better leader and a cleaner house (again playing in to his "I'll clean rooms" campaign promises. He'll be cutting taxes soon too, I can feel it)

My personal favorite because of its illustration - "Corner if you misbehave for my election"

An up close view, because I think it's awesome:

Another wild promise: Josh will cook for you if elected.

Josh is running against Carly, she created some of her own campaign posters.

She doesn't really know why, she just saw that Josh was coloring and taping things and wanted to participate.

Apparently she is afraid of she will not vote for herself. This poster was put up in her own room:

Josh says she isn't really 'serious' competition. He is only worried about running against his Dad.

Dad hasn't started spewing propoganda yet though, so me thinks he is depending on the senior citizen vote rather than a flashy campaign.

Josh decided to open up the voting to "most people", so I offered to add a poll to the blog. Because I get so much traffic here. My numbers might be low, google analytics might be reporting zero visits, but I get the important traffic. Only the cool people, its a very small pool.

Voting ends November 1, and unless I'm mistaken, you can vote as often as you want. If you're going to sell your vote for a pre-made toy, it might as well get to count more than once!


pam said…
My vote goes to Josh!
Anonymous said…
I believe Carly's platform has something to do with painting fingernails and toenails. I'm sure she will be happy to paint for your vote, and she will agian paint the entire nation if she wins. The poster in her room is to remind her of the better world she is striving to bring about so she can get through the tough times of being behind in the count.
Anonymous said…
I cast one Josh vote for the storm trooper action figure.

I also cast one vote for Carly for painting my fingernails.

I will be collecting payment in December.
Anonymous said…
I voted for Carly based on her fingernail and toenail painting prowess. I mean she has painted my toenails multiple times now, so many times it is not coming off very easy...

Carly's Dad

*PS* Yes I let her paint my there a problem with that?
Heather said…
This is so funny. Your house sounds like a hotbed of action these days!!
Anonymous said…
I am using my IT genius to vote a second time. Woot for having 2 pc's!!
I am voting for Joshy based on his free toy offer if you vote for him. I mean a free toy!! I love America.

Josh almostlost me with his offer to cook if I vote for him. He redeemed himself though with the offer of cleaing the city dum...err his room.

A vote for Josh is a vote for Americana!!
Anonymous said…
I would vote for Josh even without the free toy but hey I can always use another if your offering. I think that Chocolate and Dr. Pepper laden days would be nice. Even if he hasen't promised yet, I am sure it is coming soon!!! Go Josh Go
Uncle Bud
taturner said…
Hi, I came over from Randi's blog. These posts are pretty funny. Usually I get bored out of my mind reading about people's kids, but I'm impressed that I didn't this time! I think I'd like to stay.
Sarah said…
Glad to have you :)

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