Friday, October 3

Four for Friday, vol 7

In keeping with my "how lucky am I to live in America" frame of mind:

4 places in the U.S. I haven't been but would like to go, in no particular order.

1. New York City, NY - When you set aside the media-induced idea that NY, NY is the center of the universe, I actually think this city would be a pretty great place to visit. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge are woven so tightly into the American consciousness that it practically feels like I have been there.

2. Chicago, IL - I know, it is almost on my doorstep, but I have never actually stayed/spent time in Chicago. Gimme a break, I only just made it to Northern Michigan last summer. Now that there is a Legoland in Chicago, chances are we will be visiting soon.

3. Mount Rushmore, SD - What's cooler than 4 giant presidential heads carved into a rock? No, really, I dare you to think of something.

4. Camp David, MD - Ok, so this is the oddball pick. But think about it. Think how many presidents, foreign ministers, princes, kings, heads of state, diplomats, queens and VIPs have been through these hidden doors. Think how much history is trapped in the walls. Throw in the amount of secrecy and security the place is wrapped up in and how fun it would be to be part of the historical tapestry, and I'm so there.

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