Friday, October 17

Four for Friday, vol 9

The four best bits of advice I ever received:

1. Eric's Aunt Marilyn on parenthood: You can make up for the mistakes you make if you just love them.

2. Cha-Cha, QofL, on holding a grudge: I try to think about it this way, maybe she was doing the best she could with what she had.

3. My Daddy on gratitude: Are you better off today than you were 5 years ago? Then you're doing alright.

4. My Mommy, on marriage as we walked past a Victoria's Secret store (I kid you not): You have to keep it interesting.


*MARY* said...

If my mom said that to me I think I would gag.

Sarah said...

I think she was a little disconcerted when (after almost tripping over myself from shock) I started laughing uproariously.

taturner said...

I would definitely gag, or throw up, if my mom said that to me! Either way, it is true, isn't it? I feel closest to my husband when we "keep it interesting," if you know what I mean.

Sarah said...

Haha Tricia I just had a total SNL flash of the 'If you know what I mean' skits!
It's really nice to have you join the faithful few readers :)

Anonymous said...

You are SO in trouble for #4. Either you are going to get a lecture, or a list of herbs to help you apply the advice.

Heather said...

HA! That is funny (#4), but the others are so true. Great advice. And #4 is important too.