Sunday, October 19

I am not a good cook

So after 3 months in the new place, I finally sat down for a real stamping session in the woman-cave. I had been kind of stamping-discouraged because last time I tried to make something my stamp pad was all dried out and crusty.

Possibly from 2 years of being stored in plastic box in the same room as the furnace.


I was a sad panda, thinking that all my stamping inks were dried up. On Saturday I sat down in the woman-cave and made a list of all the dried up ink pads. I was thrilled to discover that only 3 of the pads were actually dried out, and 2 of the 3 dried out inks still held color it was just very light. Hooray!

I made 4 lunch invitations for the sisters that Cute Pam and I visit teach. Sadly, I fail at photography. I can't figure out how people get such great shots of their projects. If you click on the thumbnail you can really see the details. Including my splotch of ink in the top corner...and the pretty sparkly stuff I put on the pumpkins after chalking them. And the little stain on my ottoman...Oh well, I can't be good at everything. That would just be annoying.


Now if only I knew what to cook. Suggestions for a light lunch?


*MARY* said...

Those are beautiful invitations.
We always have microwaved corn dogs for lunch here, they're pretty good.

That Girl in Brazil said...

HEY!!! So super excited that you found me. And even more super excited that you have a blog. I love legal espionage.

Suggestions: my favorite 'girls luncheon' item is a chicken/rice combo served on crossiants. Ask my mom for the recipe - it's super light, super chic, super easy, and super cheap. Can't get much better than that.

Then maybe a fruit salad - melon and strawberries and kiwi for color. And fancy punch. Ev'rybody luv punch.

So love you!

llegue said...

very cute stamping! I din't know you did that

Heather said...

i love chicken salad on croissants (i have a great recipe), and spicy chicken wraps, soups are always fun.... come on, pick something so we can start helping you!!

JustRandi said...

Those are DARLING. I would show up to anything you invited me to with one of those. Even if you were serving mac and cheese.
Whoa - those must be REALLY cute.