Thursday, October 23

An Open Letter to Someone I Love

Dear One,

I have watched you as you struggle to grab on to happiness. Perhaps you do not know that I see you, that I feel linked to you. That is my failing. I do see, I do hope for you and think of you and pray for you.

You deserve better. You, a person of gentle soul and tender heart, you deserve the whole world on a platter. You should reach out and take it!

I am amazed at your patience, at your unwavering investment in the people you love. Love is not a battle, nor a compromise, nor a sacrifice. Perhaps you do those things for love sometimes. But always there is an end to those things when you are loved in return. Love is a two way investment. Sometimes you give and sometimes you take. Do not be ashamed to take, for giving too much will bleed you dry.

Sometimes on life's path we move through sunshine, we see the new day stretching out before us everlasting and fresh, sparkling and glorious. Sometimes in life we move through shadow, deep ruts and vast, unending gloom. Sometimes the way is dappled with sunlight, and sometimes the moon shines instead, silvery and soft as it leads us along. Sometimes we have to move over for others to pass by, and sometimes we part ways with those we love. This is the journey, the hills and vales prepare us and teach us. I wish your path was all sunshine and downhill slopes, but since it is not I can only offer to walk with you a while.

We've had our ups and downs before, we made it through. Remember that you are not the sum total of things that have happened TO you. Those things can change you, but they do not define you. You have an amazing destiny waiting for you, one that we can't even begin to comprehend.

I wish, with all my beating heart, that I could take away your burdens, that I could set your feet on the easy path, that I could make your hard choices and bear your sorrows. I would take away your pain, take it for myself, if I could. There is only One Person that can do that for you.

Above all, know that I love you. Know that you deserve more. Know that you are a blessed child of God, honest to goodness royalty. Know that things will be okay, eventually.
Until then, never think for a moment that you are alone. You're not alone.


Lacey said...

That was beautiful

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog and I hope this person to whom you are writing about will realize that it does take two, and I hope that for whoever you are writing this for realizes before it is to late. I am sure whom ever you are writing to realizes that they are loved very much, and that they are all kinds of struggles but this to shall pass for this person!

That Girl in Brazil said...

I love you.