Wednesday, October 29

P.O.O.H. Election Countdown!

There's only 2 days left to vote for P.O.O.H.

Political analysts are speculating that voter exhaustion is setting in. While the trend in voter apathy tends to favor our underdog candidate, Carly, Joshua's camp is holding firm in it's assertion of victory.

Many of you have wondered just what will happen to the person that claims the P.O.O.H. title. Riches? Fame? Blame for every ill that strikes the House?

President of Our House is a 1 day appointment wherein the elected official gets to set all rules, make all decisions, and boss everyone around. There will be plenty of pork barrel spending, useless meetings, and photo ops. If Joshua were to win, the Toy Store industry will see a spike in activity. If Carly wins...well things won't really change. The DIVA already thinks she's in charge. If Eric wins, my life will be hell. While I realize I just swung at least 3 votes to Eric's camp (courtesy of my siblings, and possibly my parents) I may have solidified Josh's win with that statement. Because you all feel sorry for me.

Election night parties are being planned, although I'm told by a very reliable source that due to the hard economic times, the election night parties will likely be held in the same location. Look for our continuing coverage as the race goes down to the wire.

Rock the vote!

p.s. If you're following that other, less important election there is a spot on post here.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that young Joshua's lead is not as formidable as reported. All that cash I pasid to ACORN is really paying off now!!

Eric "Machiavelli" Tario

Betina said...

I will elect you president of my house. Then I will take the day off and get a pedicure since I can't reach my own feet anymore.

I just got the box in the mail of clothing. I can't thank you enough!! Some of those little outfits from Carly are SO SO SO sweet. I can see why she is nick named the "Diva"! You're very thoughtful and kind.

I hid away the cowboy boots because they're too big for Oak and if he sees them now he'll insist on clomping about, tripping like a drunk for the next 2 years until they fit him.

Thanks Sarah. Truly.