Saturday, October 18

P.O.O.H. Election Update

Carly is making sure to look her best for the final leg of the election. It's not Sarah Palin's glasses, but fashion experts expect to see Carly's makeup theory spread nationwide very soon.

Our other candidate in real contention, Joshua, is distributing his first round of TV ads. His budget is low, somewhere in the neighborhood of $0.00, so Josh will be pulling out of key voter states in an effort to win the states with the most electoral votes the votes that really matter. Look for his ads to show up soon. As in whenever his mom can figure out why movie maker hates the video we shot.

Confusion over placement of the voting poll and initial reports that you could vote 'as often as you wanted' generated outraged email from our constituents. In an effort to be almost fair, we've tracked down vital information that will help you stack get out the vote. You can vote for the candidate of your choice in the upper right hand corner of the site. Also, if you delete all your cookies and tell your browser not to store cookies you will get a fresh vote every time you bring up State of Obvious in a new window.

Now that's news you can use, my friends.

This update was brought to you by our friends at ACORN - Where bias is just another word for Win.

I honestly didn't realize that President of Our House abbreviated to P.O.O.H., but now that I know I think it's genius!

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