Sunday, October 26

Scandal At the Polls

No, not those polls, who cares about that particular race?

I'm talking about the P.O.O.H.

Somehow Eric has pulled even in the polls. Without a single stump speech (at least not one that's been officially documented, trust me there's been LOTS of speeches about POOH), campaign poster, or P.O.O.H. promise made.

This is serious business people. I smell a fix.

Eric claims he has only been voting for himself once a day. His rise-to-even has been nothing less than meteoric, however. Shall we speculate together? Yes, let's.

Theory T} Eric is voting for himself once a day on each computer which actually comes out to thrice a day if you include his work computer.

Theory H} Eric has enlisted ACORN in his quest for the crown.

Theory E} Eric has enlisted his work buddies in his quest for the crown.

Theory F} Eric hacked the poll.

Theory I} I suddenly got popular.

Theory X} Any combination of the above, excluding the clearly far-fetched I.

In an effort to regain his lost lead, Joshua submits his first (and only) campaign ad:
(make sure you turn your volume up a bit, he talks quietly at times)


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Pam said...

This is FABULOUS! I love some scandalis behavior.